Feminist Fatherhood

I was a sociology professor at Portland State University in beautiful Portlandia for 20 years. I left in 2015 to focus on my writing and raise our daughter, Cozette. I got my PhD from Emory University after an extensive field study of racist skinheads. I also worked in the music world, including for the super-awesome rock band, drivin’ n’ cryin‘. Then there is the writing thing, academic, fiction and poetry. While I was a grad student I became an ardent feminist. But getting my behavior to match my ideology took a lot of work. There were a lot of stumbles along the way.

REBNow I’m happily married to a wonderful artist and we have a baby girl. I’m writing and wondering what my next career move might be, but reveling in this time I get to spend with my daughter and my wife. So this is where gender, parenting and the written word intersect! This blog is dedicated to dads who care about women and girls and understand that feminism paves the way forward. Here comes the 4th Wave!

debacgf14209599631510031254You can email me at: blazakr@gmail.com

Twitter: @rblazak

Website: www.randyblazak.com

11 thoughts on “Feminist Fatherhood

  1. Hi Randy! I’m new to your blog. I like the content and direction. Here’s my comment. I care deeply about my three daughters and their value. I don’t think of myself as Feminist Father. My parenting style was nurturing and supportive. I did not set out to be a Feminist Father rather I was being the best side of me. Hard to explain. A good book on the topic is “The Hazards of Being Male” by Herb Goldberg. He talks about Surviving the Myth of Masculine Privilege

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  2. Hi Randy — I got to your blog from your (sadly) convincing article on Trump’s racism. Looking forward to reading more.

    I am also an active dad and support my wife’s career and loathe sexism and naturally want my daughter to have every equal opportunity, but I feel really uncomfortable calling myself a feminist. Just seems a bit awkward ally-ish. Have you thought or written about that – men using the term and any (not sexist) pushback from men or women?

    Thanks again.

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  3. Dear Randy,
    Just finished reading your article on Trump.
    Great article, covered exactly what is happening in this country.
    Unfortunately the problem also lies within our federal government as well, knowing first hand this Nazi groups live right next door to me, hold meetings, and have now aquired armed license dealer certified through ATF.
    What’s wrong with this picture, they’re under 21 yrs of age, extensive trouble with the law, but because they were a miner at the time it is nonexistent.
    So tell me, after the neighborhood has has called the authorities countless times ie; shootings, fires, chemical spills, large gatherings in AG buildings…Where¿ has the public faultered in stopping this very activity we fought a damn war over?
    These hate groups are what’s killing this country, the thousands of lives that died overseas was for nothing… By the way this is happening in Eugene, Oregon.

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