Recovering Asshole podcast

RecoveringAssholeI wanted a place to talk about the touchy subject of privilege, something too many people deny they have. I’ve got a lot of privileges and if they remain invisible to me, I come off as an asshole. The best way to recover from this affliction is to talk to people who don’t hold that same privilege. So this podcast is all about great conversations and me trying to unpack my status as an asshole. You can subscribe to this podcast on iTunes and maybe become a little bit less of an asshole yourself. And a great theme song called “Echo Chamber” by Jared Mees.

Episode 2: We Go Left (June 17, 2017)

I wanted to get into the issue of right-handed privilege right off the bat. It’s an entry way to talk about other types of privilege. Our guest, high school teacher, Pat McCreey, is the perfect guide on this topic. We recorded the interview outside at Towshend’s Tea House in NE Portland. Maybe next episode we’ll record it in a house that’s being torn down.

Biases against left-handed people: Wikipedia

Life is Long by Jared Mees.

Episode 1: My Favorite Alien (June 12, 2017) 

For our first episode we talk to artist and award-winning writer Andrea Barrios, about her experience as an undocumented immigrant. Some people don’t like them. I married this one (long after she got her Green Card), but I still need help with my privilege. It’s a good start, although I’m still figuring out the microphone situation. (Listen here on iTunes.)

Andrea Barrios art website:

A Journey of Words featuring “A Conversation with the Serpent” by Andrea Barrios:

Life is Long by Jared Mees.