“Donald Trump is the new face of white supremacy,” says hate crime expert.

August 24, 2015


Before you think this article is “just one liberal’s opinion,” let me briefly say I have dedicated my life to studying racism. I earned my PhD from Emory University in 1995 after spending several years doing ethnographic field studies of white supremacist groups. I have published books and articles in peer-reviewed journals on the subject and have appeared on more TV shows than I can remember discussing how hate works. In my 20 years at Portland State University, I interviewed scores of committed racists, from teenage skinheads to racist murderers and founders of Nazi prison gangs. So when I say that presidential candidate Donald Trump is a racist hate-monger it’s not just a political pejorative. He has a constitutional right to hold and express racist views, but using those views to manipulate the intellectually vulnerable and mobilize active bigots requires a coherent response. As an expert on hate, I am more than comfortable stating that either Trump is a virulent racist or that he is willing to perform racism and use racism of others to advance his political position.

Trump represents a frightening trend of convenient racism rooted a belief that America was great before ethnic and racial minorities, women, and sexual minorities wanted equal rights. (What Trump calls “political correctness.”) These people will say that “racism is wrong, but…” or “I’m not a racist, but…” and then something deeply racist follows. They’ll say that “all lives matter,” in the face of the movement to acknowledge the devaluing of black lives. They’ll say they are not homophobes, just for “religious freedom” (an argument the KKK still makes). They’ll say they’re not Islamaphobes, just against terrorism (ignoring the carnage done by domestic, often Christian, terrorists). And they’ll say that they are not bigots, just opposed to illegal immigration (of brown people). It’s a kinder, gentler form of bigotry, but it’s still bigotry. And Donald Trump is the new Father Coughlin and he wants to be free of the political correctness that would stand in the way of his bigotry. (At least he’s abandoned the GOP’s “go after the gays” mantra from the last election.)


Trump has been visiting states with troubled racial histories to sell his rallying cry that “illegal immigrants are killers and rapists.” First Arizona and then, on Friday, Alabama. He started his rally with some classic hate speech, telling the assembled 30,000 supporters and curious (I would have gone to see the Trump clown show) about the alleged rape and torture of a 66-year-old victim in California who was supposedly attacked by an “illegal immigrant.” The crowd went wild. “We have to do it. We have to do something,” he then said. The crowd roared, and some chanted, “White power!

Two things to know about Trump’s rhetoric

Anyone knowledgeable about the horrific statistics on rape know that women are overwhelmingly victimized by somebody they know, including family members and dates. Only about 18% of rapes are committed by a stranger (and a tiny fraction of those by undocumented immigrants). So if Trump actually cared about women, it would make more sense to devote his rape obsession to step-fathers instead of Mexican immigrants.  Of course, this is a man who has been challenged on the issue of marital rape of one of his ex-wives. Rape is an emotional issue. It was used to lynch innocent blacks in the South and Trump is using it the same way to go after people who are often the hardest workers in the country.

Secondly, in my research I have attended numerous Klan rallies, skinhead gatherings, and meetings of the Aryan Nations, and the rhetoric is almost exactly the same as Trump’s. I was at a Klan Rally in Covington, Georgia in 1991 in which a Klan leader told the small crowd the story of a white woman who had been raped and beaten by an “illegal Mexican.” As with Trump’s story, whether it was true or not didn’t matter. It served to whip the racists into a frenzy. And like Trump’s crowd they were out to “do something” about it. I’ve heard Trump’s rhetoric many times before. “Let’s go back in time to when America was great.” Usually the speaker had a swastika tattoo.


So it wasn’t surprising last week when a news story emerged of two brothers in Boston who brutally beat a homeless Latino man (and urinated on him), claiming they were inspired by Trump’s anti-immigrant rhetoric. “Donald Trump was right, all these illegals need to be deported,” one said, in the police report. When told of the crime, instead of condemning it, Trump said, “I will say that people who are following me are very passionate. They love this country and they want this country to be great again.” Later, after much outcry, he backpedaled, posting that he opposed violence on his Twitter account. We still don’t know if he opposes urinating on immigrants. We also don’t know if there have been similar Trump-inspired hate crimes, but it is very likely there will be.

The most reasonable Republican candidate might be Ohio governor John Kasich (who was just endorsed by Deez Nuts!).  At the first GOP/Fox News debate earlier this month, Kasich (maybe buttering up the Donald), admitted that Trump was “hitting a nerve with voters.” But it’s not all Americans. It’s a small subsection of white people who fear the reality that America is getting less white (and more brown). They see the privilege of their white authority undermined every time they walk into a Home Depot and see signs in English and (gasp!) in Spanish. These are the people who say, “I’m not a racist, but…”

The United States is a nation of immigrants, coming from all directions. Most white Americans have ancestors that only go back to no further than the 1880s, making them “less American” than descendants of African slaves. When my great grandfather, Michael Blazak, came here from Prague in the 1890s, he faced plenty of anti-Catholic hostility. His son converted to Protestantism and married the daughter of a Klansman and the cycle of immigrant hating continued. “They’re taking our country away! Let’s make America great again and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!”

Trump lies to win support

Obviously, Trump is a clown who will say anything that feeds his narcissism. When he said he was going to get Mexico to pay for a wall between our two countries, I could just hear President Peña Nieto laughing and saying, “Señor Trump, chupamela.” Trumpies (I’m coining that term) often say they love Trump because he tells it like it is. If by that they mean that billionaires buy politicians in return for political favors (as Trump admitted in the Fox debate), they are correct. But if they mean all the rest of the crazy stuff that comes out of his mouth, in reality Trump tells it like it isn’t, but it’s what “I’m not racist” racists wish it was. Politifact works overtime trying the present the actual facts to Trump’s lies, but the Trumpies prefer the lie. Something far too common on the right. (“Obama is a Muslim!” “Iraq had weapons of mass destruction!” “The Jews control the banks!”)

Where Trump’s lies are greatest are his bizarre tirades on immigration. Despite his fear mongering, the number of undocumented immigrants has been on the decline since 2009.  And despite his endless mantra about “rapists and murderers,” actual data (a word the “King of Capitalism” should know) shows that crime rates in cities decline as their population of undocumented immigrants increase. Think about it. If you are living in America without papers, you aren’t even going to jaywalk. Why do anything that would risk deportation?

My wife was an illegal immigrant. Thanks to immigration reform under President Bill Clinton, and a lot of difficult hoops to jump through, she earned a permanent resident card and is hoping to become a citizen in time to vote in this election. Our daughter, Cozy, would surely be called an “anchor baby” by Trump (and Jeb Bush). Bush recently asked for a better term to use instead of “anchor baby.” I would suggest the word, “baby.” But dehumanizing immigrants (even infants) wins the “I’m not racist, but…” voters. Trump has said on his first day of his presidency he would immediately “get rid of all these people” (I assume my wife and child are included in that group). Besides the fact it’s not possible (Trump’s “looking into” changing the 14th Amendment of the Constitution), it would devastate the American economy. Who does he thinks picks the strawberries that go into his daiquiris? His latest wife is not only a lingerie model but an immigrant! Maybe he should ask her. (The new First Lady?)


It’s ironic that Trump laid this line out in Sweet Home Alabama. Alabama Republicans passed a law in 2011 (HB 56, the Alabama Taxpayer and Citizen Protection Act) to crack down on “illegals.” Residents soon saw produce rotting in fields, disappearing from grocery shelves and restaurants closing. The federal government weighed in (with the help of the Southern Poverty Law Center) on the Constitutionality of the law and it is now a fond memory of the intersection between racist politics and reality.

Alabama tried a Donald Trump-style immigration law. It failed in a big way.

Trump, of course, caters to the convenient racists. At the Alabama rally he was joined on stage by Jeff Sessions, one of the most extreme anti-immigration politicians in the country who has been linked to white supremacist groups. Trump is now using this avowed racist as a “consultant” on his immigration policy. It should be pointed out that when Trumpies blather about “illegal immigrants,” they are not concerned about undocumented Russians, Ukrainians, Irish, Canadians or even Chinese. It’s all about brown people. Trump telling the story of an undocumented Irishman committing a heinous crime wouldn’t get the same roar of approval as a similar story about an “illegal Mexican.”

And now that Trump is trying to woo Conservative Christians, he’s added Islamophobia into his stump speeches, including making up stories about Christian refugees from Syria not being allowed into the U.S., when Muslim refugees are. It’s another lie, but the “I’m not racist” Trumpies send the lie around in chain emails and Facebook stories. (It even got posted by a Trumpie on my page.) Can you imagine what Jesus would say about Donald?

I sincerely doubt Trump really wants to be president of the country and submit himself to the art of the compromise that is politics in the real world. He just wants to win to feed his massive ego. But who knows how many hate crimes he will inspire in the process. It should be noted that Trump is widely popular on the racist Stormfront discussion board. Stormfront is the primary place white supremacists and Neo-Nazis meet and registered members have been linked to almost 100 murders.

White supremacists lining up behind Trump

Screen Shot 2015-08-23 at 9.13.41 PM

I know this blog is supposed to be about being a feminist father and the challenges of raising my daughter in a patriarchal world and not about politics. But there is no better example of the failed model of racist, sexist masculinity than Donald J. Trump. He is an artifact of the past and he wants to drag the country back to it. The man’s rhetoric directly affects the security of my family. The thought of someone hating my wife and child (or attacking them) because they want to “make America great again,” is frightening. When was Trump’s America great? In 2008, when the Great Recession started? In 1954, before the passage of Brown vs. the Board of Education? In 1860, before the start of the Civil War? America is better than Donald Trump, but I fight against him for the safety of my family.

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Here is a song for Señor Trump he might know.

568 thoughts on ““Donald Trump is the new face of white supremacy,” says hate crime expert.

  1. This article has done it’s job. Did Obama not go after the black vote? We’re militants radicals and predominantly black gangs behind him no matter what his views were? So what is the difference? A powerful rich white male is making some noise and your shocked the KKK and white supremacists are backing him and using his famous name for free press (clearly working). Yes Trump is a rich white powerful American businessman dripping in nepotism and arrogance, some like him….some do not. Maybe the blacks and minorities are freaking out at the thought of a white man back in the Presidency, many whites and other minorities felt the same way about a black man becoming president. But the country embraced him and the color of his skin didn’t seem to matter as much, did some Crack the occasional racial joke…sure. Did some people and groups still dislike him because he was black…sure. But that’s life, that’s reality and this is America and your allowed to feel and like or dislike anybody you want. So to call out Trump and label him a racist and try to tie him to liking hate crimes or being associated with the KKK or any other white supremacists is ridiculous and is actually exactly what your so against……racist.

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    1. I shouldn’t even dignify this garbage with a response, but I’m going to, because I agreed wholeheartedly with what the author said. Barack Obama appealed to a wide cross-section of Americans: white, black, Hispanic, Asian, male, female, hetero, LGBT. He didn’t predicate his campaigns or policies on punishing people of other races, religions, or orientations, unlike your boy Donald. No one is going out and committing hate crimes in the name of Barack Obama, regardless of what your precious Fox News has to say about it. Sounds to me like the writer struck a nerve with you that NEEDED to be struck. You are supporting a racist, and your post tells me that you, too … are a racist. Deal with it.

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      1. Barack Obama is responsible for ratchetting up racist rhetoric. The blood of executed police officers is on his hands.


      2. Thank you for being a reasonable voice in a discussion thread full of crazies. Whoa, I am ashamed that some of these people are my neighbors. And the fact that none of the people spilling the nonsense hateful garbledy-gook used their ACTUAL names to leave comments speaks volumes.

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      3. All he did was try to even the playing field a tiny bit and HE’S the racist? Never mind Fox news by EVERY independent poll is the least truthful News source in history but is #1 because they tell closet racists what they want to hear .

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      4. What Obama did was try and buy every one with lies and a story without having a real platform other than a song and dance and he has done nothing but promote division and has been one of the worst presidents in history
        . Honesty was never in his repertoire and the fact that someone has the balls to say what they think doesn’t make them a racist it makes them honest. You my friend are a hypocrite and in the words of the left a bigot


      5. There are multitudes of hate crimes being committed every single day by other than whites. They aren’t classified as hate crimes though. Just crimes. Seems pretty racist to distinguish any crime as hate because the perpetrator is white. Fact is it is entirely racist to do that. Hiding behind this lie of labeling crimes as hate crimes is pathetic and shameful and totally panders to worthless politicians.


      6. I don’t think you understand what a hate crime is. It’s a crime based on a bias motive. Non-whites commit hate crimes and that data is clearly in the FBI UCR data base. For example, the case that went all the way to the Supreme Court, Mitchell vs. Wisconsin, was a black on white hate crime.


      1. Nope. He’s way more intelligent than the author of this glorified letter to the editor, as well as yourself.

        This puff piece has not a trace of substance.


    2. Your comments and critique of this blog was right where I was going. Claiming racism every time someone disagrees with the president is the easy way out. Continuing to divide the nation however you can is one way to keep racism alive. Not only will it keep it alive, but it will fan the flames of those that have not taken the opportunity to better themselves and to integrate into a clean/mixed society. Keeping racism and government dependency alive is good for politics as it will keep a “minority” voter forever. There is no incentive for these Americans to stop and change the gravy train. If Americans ever pull their heads out of the sand, open their eyes and ears, and truly study and learn what is going on without listening to or putting a political spin on the subject, things could actually change for the good. But until then, we are in for more fighting amongst ourselves while the rest of the world passes us by.


      1. I love the way people accuse Obama of dividing a nation like it’s his fault he’s black and the country is still very racist.


      2. Washington,

        Obama has stirred up racial strife. It suits the left’s political agenda.

        You are a victim of racist propaganda.


    3. Here’s the thing, do you want to live in an America that is inclusive of all lives and lifestyles, religions or an exclusive america that only accepts certain types, barring others because of skin, race or sexuality? I’ve been all over the web and what I see are people who’s ideas of the world are so twisted, so xenophobic and frankly racist (like many of the comments here) that I am frankly disgusted. I understand immigrants rejecting america and its ugly ways. I can understand people rejecting a small minded, violent white culture based on hate and superiority.

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    4. So now you want to flip the script obama never call for deportation of white people nor did president obama want votes from hate group so get your shit right before you try to pull the race card trump wants to take our country back you can’t win election with just racist whites I not going to work !!!!!! sorry to disappoint you 🙂 🙂 🙂


    5. Why don’t you learn some damn grammar? It’s painful to read your ignorant, uneducated ranting–both in style and context. As if you know what either of those mean . . .


    6. What? No… Do you not see that you just said anyone can dislike who they want and you suddenly point at the writer for pointing out their distaste for a man.. And for a good reason! Trump will put a huge negative impact on the US..


    7. Kathy Spitzer I find this quite offensive since I concur with many of Trump’s concerns from a logical perspective and not a hate perspective. A “knows no bounds” approach to ilegal immigration has become worthy of attention simply because of the reality of “capacity” of our country. We are not the nation that our prevous generations immigrated to when we needed to populate our new country. And yes, we stole the Nation from the American Indians, no argument there. But that is over and done, and we are all in the present. What I find most disconcerting is the rampid Liberal strategy to play the hate card or racist card immediately when others legitimately question the wisdom and value of some of the liberal practices in regard to what will help our country for ALL of us. If you question something — you are a hater — really? This approach leaves zero room for objectivity, problem solving or meaningful compromise and it promotes division. It is quite immature. And this makes me question the true motives of the top level liberals in terms of do they want a viable country who looks into problems, or do they just want to stay in power by perpetuating racial tension to secure the sympathy votes of recipents of illegal immigration, and IMO too many and too elongated entitlement programs that maintain dependence rather than stimulating the inner strength of those in need to rise to their potential. And why not ivestigate possibly corrupt programs — if PP has done no wrong then great! But why the stauch refusal — again it begs the question about the true motives of some of the liberals and it highlights their superior attitude that leave no room for true progression. If I took the same hate card approach, this headline could easily read Obama is the face of Liberal Supremacy. Screw the rest of us who have some legitimate concerns — we are apparently just racists


      1. Yes. Some liked him just because he is black. Most who disliked him did so because he’s a divider.

        He has harmed race relations intentionally because it suits his agenda politically.


    8. Utter nonsense! Like most racists, you dodge and dance from the topic at hand, and from reality and facts. You twist words and manufacture bullshit out of your ass to suit your racist screed. For the first time in a long time a real Great White Hope has come along in Donald Trump and you are hysterical.


    9. First of all -dad at home with kid of unknown gender what is your supposed doctoral degree in and why do we not see any research articles to support your claim? You don’t sound like a researcher with your wild assumptions and bias. I am wondering why you don’t know that science including social science is to find out what isn’t more over than what it is. You’ve made an extreme bias about a single person with supposed research geared toward a specific population which Trump is not a part of. He is not a self proclaiming racist or bigot. You named him that and this is junk science. Kudos for appealing to the main stream. Just curious- did you get your daughter’s permission to experiment on her? I am sure that is against the APA.


      1. My PhD is in Sociology and Criminology from Emory University (1995). This is a blog post (not an academic article) about one person. I know lots of social science (I’ve been teaching it for over 25 years) about racism and fascist movements. What research would you like referenced? And how exactly and I “experimenting” on my kid?


      2. It’s sad that someone that has studied this topic for 25 years would write something so trashy and poorly reasoned.

        This is regressive drivel based on wild speculation abd typical leftist hypocrisy.

        Why don’t you write something about the way the racist left panders to minorities, instead of actually respecting their intelligence.


    10. You just said that these black gang members or black militants voted for Obama because of skin color alone, not because Obama was spouting any pro-violence rhetoric that they found appealing. Whereas a big part of Trump’s campaign is based on bigotry against people of color- something that white supremacist groups, which exist specifically to be bigoted, are naturally drawn to. That’s the difference.


    11. Since blacks are in the minority, blacks alone could not put President Obama in office, so there had to be an overwhelming amount of whites who voted for him. Blacks seem to be only the minority when it satisfies the beliefs of whites who want to blame a black president. I totally agree with this article on Racist Donald Trump


    12. “So to call out Trump and label him a racist….” You seem intent on comparing President Obama to Donald Trump, when the two men are not at all alike in tolerating bigotry and messages of hate and racism.

      No, Trump stands in silence, at best and at worst, he accepts the racial slurs and slander. Wil you acknowledge he does not correct his rally attendees who say Pres. Obama is not an American and is a Muslim? Do you forget he was the propagator of the “birthers'” falsities about Obama being born in Kenya? He not only didn’t denounce (above reference) the violent immigrant man’s beating, he laud’s the men as passionate followers.

      Pres. Obama, on the other hand, has -time after time – called out violent acts and racism as un-American and has called for healing and a coming together for all Americans. You cannot invent a scenario in 2008 with Obama the candidate that never existed. “Militant rebels” and “black gangs”? Really, where are the rallies from 2008 when these people called for attacks on white people???

      The reality, that Trump knows well, is America (USA) is a violent society and there has been very little healing of racial tensions since the 1960’s. He is playing with fire, he is inciting the racist feelings and fear — knowing that the white, conservative – who have held onto the power over minorities are afraid of the inevitable social change happening in this country.


    13. Beekeeper:.. Trump only foments hate and flames the fires of racism. FYI, this is what candidate Obama sounded like (and still sounds like today): “I believe deeply that we cannot solve the challenges of our time unless we solve them together – unless we perfect our union by understanding that we may have different stories, but we hold common hopes; that we may not look the same and we may not have come from the same place, but we all want to move in the same direction – towards a better future for our children and our grandchildren.” Sen. B. Obama ~ Speech from March 2008


      1. What an ignorant, and typically leftist statement. No one is saying anything about making America white again. Trump and Conservatives are talking about ILLEGAL immigration! What is the problem with your brain that you cannot differentiate between Legal and Illegal immigration? I would really like to know why you refuse to make a distinction. How can you perpetuate such a lie? Is it simply because the truth doesn’t fit your agenda?


      2. “When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re not sending you. They’re not sending you. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.”

        “I can never apologize for the truth. I don’t mind apologizing for things. But I can’t apologize for the truth. I said tremendous crime is coming across. Everybody knows that’s true. And it’s happening all the time. So, why, when I mention, all of a sudden I’m a racist. I’m not a racist. I don’t have a racist bone in my body.”

        “What can be simpler or more accurately stated? The Mexican Government is forcing their most unwanted people into the United States. They are, in many cases, criminals, drug dealers, rapists, etc.”

        Because all of those statements only identify illegal aliens Michael? Trump has elaborated that he was also talking about the rapes of Central American women occurring in Mexico. He makes no distinction of legal or illegal immigration, or whether the Mexican is actually an immigrant here.

        Trump has a campaign slogan of “Make America Great Again!”. What timeframe does he believe was “great” for ALL Americans? Or is he referring to a time where America was “great” when specific ethnic groups had reduced social statuses?

        Post-WWII greatness would be hard to reproduce now, because we were the most developed nation with Europe and the Far East in shambles. We didn’t have two million behind bars, and industries that can’t find enough American workers. The real irony is we have potential immigrants crashing our gates looking for work, and a self-described “Capitalist” wants to turn them away.


      3. “Trump has a campaign slogan of ?Make America Great Again!?. What timeframe does he believe was ?great? for ALL Americans?”

        Before Obama. Racial tensions are much higher since he became president. After all, that is what a “community organizer” does. He divides people. Read Saul Alinsky, Obama’s guru.


    14. What’s the difference between Trump and Obama?? I’ve never heard Obama generalize Mexicans rapists or criminals. Also Trumps handling of a supporter at a rally who called Obama Muslim was absurd. Instead of dismissing racist remarks he lets them slide. Sure do what you can to get a vote but cultivating an atmosphere of racial divisiveness is not very Presidential and just wrong. Doing nothing about racism especially when in a position of power or a position to denounce it is as bad as promoting racism, in my opinion.


      1. Yeah, Obama just called Palin a pig, said white christians cling to their guns and bibles, and calls republicans terrorists.

        But he’s totally different.

        Biden says republicans want to put blacks back in chains.

        Hypocrites like you are what’s wrong with american politics.


      2. You’re right “hitler” . That’s one of the many things wrong with politics. I noticed you only cited anti-republican comments. It’s really name calling and racism from both sides, which is unacceptable.


      3. I cited those remarks “charles” because you claimed Obama didn’t do shit like that.

        Of course, you won’t admit you are wrong because progressives lack intellectual integrity.


    15. It is inaccurate and unfair to ascribe a racist agenda to any person’s support of our nation’s sovereignty, first of all. No nation is a nation without borders and laws…. it simply ceases to exist when these are not enforced, and anyone who does not support them, in fact, does not support the nation in principle.

      Secondly, the lack of enforcement of our southern border, and the large number of illegal immigration through it, has by a wide margin hurt the United States minority and poor communities far more than the middle and upper economic classes. When a person will work “off the books” for a sub-minimum wage, they are taking away opportunities from American minorities who are here legally, struggling to earn a living. And it is true that those minorities, here, are a large percentage “non-white”. So in reality, a supporter of an enforced border and enforced immigration and citizenship process is actually a supporter of the hopes and dreams of our poor, and not a proponent of any sort of race agenda. In addition, it has hurt the USA minority citizen population’s access to good health care, as many of our poorer hospitals have had to close, being inundated with an illegal population they cannot handle, but would never turn away. How is it racist to suggest easing that burden, on our health care system, when it is also claimed, already, by the Left, that the poor in this country don’t have adequate health care? Illegal immigration only makes it far, far, worse. No, enforcement of our southern border is something that will, in many ways, benefit the USA minority populations most of all, and so, cannot be a racist policy by any measure.

      Thirdly, Trump is rich, and as such, is actually not looking out for his own personal interests in pushing for defense of our sovereignty. On the contrary, the wealthy elite in this country, which include the power players both on the Left and the Right, have mostly turned a blind eye to this influx, and broken many promises, precisely because it suits their purposes: Cheap labor, uninsured and un-insurable, their bills taken up by the taxpayer’s, are a throw-away fuel to the engine of their economies. American Liberals and Democrats, in addition, are looking for future voters to support their power base, at the detriment to their own nation, their own citizens. Trump on the other hand has striven to work within the law to hire all legal citizens… and yes, many thousands of “minorities”, too. He could take advantage, unethically, as other wealthy do, this huge pool of cheap labor, at the expense of America’s poor, and yes, black and Latino population.

      Fourth, our middle class is hurt by the influx… so any white, black, Latino, or other groups who have made it to the American dream are the ones paying for this: Illegal immigration is a tremendous burden on our taxpayers, with billions going into supporting the needs of well over 10 million illegals in our country. So rather than being “racist” to ensure they do not sneak in and use those services, isn’t it actually correct to insist that any immigrant by legal, and on the books, and pay into the system, just as citizens of all races do now?

      Fifth, it does not help Mexico, nor Ecuador, Honduras, nor any other of the south and middle American countries to encourage and/or allow the cream of their population to come here to work… many great people, no doubt… who work hard here, when they could be building up their own nations. A country is not built and improved by dollars being sent home from a person working a menial job, illegally and off the books in America… it is built with man and woman power, by an investment in human sweat and blood. These countries will only continue to decline, as these people seek the quick fix of American dollars sent back to their homes.

      Sixth: And those dollars sent home, out of the USA, also represent dollars that used to be earned by American youth, and minorities, as I’ve pointed out: But further, has hurt us, as parents of college aged students, unable to get a job in the many areas taken by illegal immigrants, must take out equity loans on their houses, in an already depressed… to say the least!… real estate market. And then, many have to work later in their career. And then, also, the dollar is wildly devalued, as we print money, and borrow money, to meet our needs. And then, a depressed economy here only further hurts our ability to help other nations… and we are the most generous, and compassionate, country on Earth… it only further hurts our ability to aid those very countries which are abusing our sovereignty, in the end.

      No, the claim in this post is ludicrous. Trump, or anyone who believes in a secure border, is not supporting a racist agenda at all, but quite the opposite: They are supporting our ability, and our own citizen’s ability, to strive for the American dream, for everyone. And at the same time, to allow other nations to pursue a better path to their own success and improvement, by keeping their best manpower at home where it belongs… legally and ethically.


      1. Hey Randy, yet again you have nothing intelligent to add, yet again.

        Why are you so bigoted towards conservatives?


      2. Someone saying “lack of enforcement on our southern border” hasn’t been actually ON the southern border for several years. The U.S. Border Patrol is now the largest law enforcement branch, with many troubling incidents from mass hirings lately. More than half of the border, primarily the most critical areas, already has some sort of barriers and sensors.

        Immigration by Mexicans, both legally and illegally, has been “net zero” for a few years now; More are either returning or being deported than are coming. That’s a big change from several years ago when I went through the process for my wife and stepchildren. The U.S. Consulate in Ciudad Juarez, the only location in Mexico that handles immigrant and other visa types expected to end in Legal Permanent Resident status, was completing 800 to 1000 visas per weekday that wasn’t an American or Mexican holiday.

        More Mexicans have immigrated legally than any other country, for our entire history. Remittances to Mexico are primarily sent by U.S. citizens and Legal Permanent Residents, properly earned and taxed in the United States. In fact, I typically hear those upset with illegal immigration talk about boycotting Mexican products. As shown by a better Mexican economy, better conditions keep Mexicans there.

        At the same time, U.S. corporations offshoring their profits overseas doesn’t receive the same condemnation as “remittances”. You want to talk costs? More than half is spent to support our war machine. Trumps says he wants to make our military even larger (if Mexico pays for “the wall”, who pays for that?) and triple the size of ICE (see above). We’re running headlong into being more of a police state, where Trump thinks he can run enforcement to grab up all illegal aliens within two years, at the same time that people panicked over Jade Helm 15.

        Every bit of blame is being misplaced, with our largest social program supporting the “Baby Boom” generation drawing benefits without an influx of new workers to shore it up further. Whenever I hear the phrase “legal citizen” I know it is going to be a bullshit claim; Saying Trump has a noble hiring ethic is just that. The retired people on message boards and making blog comments aren’t working now, and don’t see the lack of any applicants for many industries.

        Trump is playing people, in the irrational fear of immigrants already present, scapegoating them for other American ills. He says he won’t eat another Oreo (Nabisco factory moving to Mexico), but has his own clothing line made there. In particular the “Religous Right” are flocking to him, when he has had multiple marriages and appears to lust after his own adult daughter!

        Two-thirds of all legal immigration has a relationship to a U.S. citizen. For two-thirds of that, that relationship is a marriage. Families like Randy and I have don’t need a Presidential candidate that labels them as the worst criminals based on their nationality alone. As I’ve said, Trumps needs to be identified as the inherited wealth failure that he is, running the worst possible campaign that isn’t very Presidential.


  2. You obviously have not finished your Phd. You look at racism like all pure racists do, from one side. You should not confuse racism and thugs. They lie both ways of the racism train track and yell at each other, unknowingly that they are twins. Racism isn’t a term against one colour. Blacks are more racist than whites from my experience but their poor me mentality allows them to hide behind the term. Please be impartial and show examples across the spectrum if you start an article with your so called experience. I get the idea this is a personal thing for you. Well just remember there will be thousands of examples like this, …the victims white people.


      1. I am so glad to hear people give the proper definition of racism. Whites have tried to even the playing field by accusing Blacks of racism. It is nearly laughable when I see it in print or hear Whites say Blacks are racist. Racism is a matter of power…as long as Blacks are a minority they cannot be racist, prejudiced…yes. Whites need to take inventory of their power in order to understand their priviledge, i.e., number of white congressmen and senators, number of white police officers, number of CEO’s, physicians, store owners, etc. These are institutions and people that are going to make decisions based on the majority of the population. As a result of the Obama win and the way he won the Whitehouse, i.e., appealing to minorities as a collective, I do see Whites becoming fearful of losing their dominance. It is for this reason that a segment of the population receives Donald J. Trump with open arms.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I agree, James. But that’s how they insulate themselves. The first time I heard it was from Jesse Jackson, a racist if I ever saw one. And making a fine living at it. I find it personally disgusting that he takes advantage of his own people for his own enrichment. And the same morons are complaining about “greedy” white people. I’ve watched this stuff for too long – since the 60s, when I ignorantly agreed with it!


    1. Racism isn’t just a generic hatred on skill color. It’s the manifestation of a system built on white supremacy. Reverse racism is not a thing because literally all racism is created by that system of white supremacy. If there weren’t systemic racism against people of color, you would not have people of color acting warily of white people.

      Thinks about the cause and not the symptom.


      1. You are confusing racism with oppression.

        Anyone can be racist.

        Sorry, just a fact, and no amount of white guilt will change it.


    2. When has white people been victims? I don’t remember white people being slaves. I don’t remember white people being the minority. I don’t remember black people being on the board of directors for all these huge companies etc. etc. Tell me again….when has white people been victims? BLABLABLABLABLABLABLABLA!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  4. My housemate of 12 years is n asian immigrant mother. In the 12 years I have lived with her she has pulled herself up by the bootstraps, got off govt assistance, and her son, born in NYC, is doing quite well in one of the state’s top school districts. he is applying next year for Harvard and Stanford after having done quite well on his SATs. According to Trump, both him and his Mom should be sent back to her country, which by the why is a country the kid has never lived in, to a culture he is not familiar with, and is in which he has no resident or citizen status. Of course this would end his life plans and shoot down all the accomplishments of this young high-achiever.
    Well, NO. He is a citizen, and has all rights to go to whatever college he can get accepted into, and pursue life, liberty, and happiness as guaranteed to all American citizens.

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    1. Well…actually, if his mother is here illegally, then she should be deported. That is all that Trump, and those that are concerned about ILLEGAL immigration, are saying. But nice try though….no points awarded!


  5. This is a wonderful article. Thank you for writing this and articulating it so well. I would suggest screen shotting the horrific comments people are leaving and writing a second piece on the reason Trump is ahead in the polls having to do with ignorant morons such as these.

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    1. Utter nonsense.

      Trump is popular because he’s right about immigration. It’s an enormous problem. But liberals want more loyal democratic voters. THAT is the reason the pro-open border national dissolution propaganda is so strong.

      And you social justice warriors are so ignorant and paranoid about being seen as racist that you are delusional. And refuse to acknowledge objective reality.

      You want everyone to come to rhe US. You want to give them all access to our safety net. You refuse to acknowledge this is mathematically guaranteed to ruin the economy.

      You think criticism of Islam is racist.

      You thinking saying anything bad about illegal immigration is racist.

      You are lawless tyrannts.

      Liberalism is a mental disorder.


      1. If national borders are imaginary, should we dissolve ours?

        Can you make an economic and national security case for this?

        I challenge you.

        You will not accept the challenge


    1. No, the article, and comments like your reveal the insanity of the left.

      There was literally no substance to this rant.

      Try dealing with facts instead of feelings.


  6. This article is ridiculous. Trump has support from a LOT of the black community. Just take a look at Youtube alone and you’ll see tons of pro-Trump videos by black folks. You also see them in the audience at his rallies. And, yes, he has support from a wide variety of white people. You can’t pick and choose who supports you. I think what you really hate is that he is so successful. These days liberals equate success with greed but those are not the same thing.


      1. Wow. What an inane, AND obfuscationary response.

        Do you actually care about what is true or are you just a mindless outrage whore?


    1. “Trump has support from a LOT of the black community. Just take a look at Youtube alone and you’ll see tons of pro-Trump videos by black folks.”

      Could be funded by right-wingers. Who knows?
      Anyway, that still doesn’t change the point that Trump is supported by racists and they both share the same ideas.


    2. Yes, because Youtube is a good indication of how the general population thinks. Trust, less than 1% of the black population would even think about voting for that hate monger.


  7. “Before you think this article is “just one liberal’s opinion,” let me briefly say I have dedicated my life to studying racism.”

    – Oh wow, so this is the opinion of someone who has devoted his life to hating white people.


      1. He does make a valid point with the introduction.

        If one has on account of one’s experiences & education accrued a degree of expertise in some matter, then that expertise ought to reveal itself naturally through the strength and perspicacity of one’s arguments. One then ought not need to resort to name-dropping or otherwise ticking through one’s CV in order to bolster one’s case as you have done above.

        I would recommend that it the future you refrain from such appeals to authority in the openings of your writings and instead allow the arguments contained therein to stand on their own merits, though, it must be conceded, the arguments in this essay are quite weak and lacking in evidence, more musings than arguments if you will, and in particular the arguments pertaining to the immigration controversy stand out in their lack of persuasiveness.


      1. In this case, it does. The “expert’ can’t see past his white guilt, male guilt, etc.

        Some of us will not be made to feel ashamed and won’t apologize for who we are as the author is so inclined.


    1. “Knowledge” is only as good as its source. I’ve spent a lot of time in academia, and much of what passes for data is actually propaganda. Humans are prone to confirmation bias, we are subconsciously and consciously drawn to data that supports our beliefs, this occurs no matter what side of an issue one is on. Thus checking inherent bias at the door, or at least acknowledging it is a requisite to any presentation of “data” being taken with any validity. Yes, this was an opinion piece, however it propagated the author’s feelings in such a manner so as to exude fact. The opening statement included the author’s credentials as a social scientist, which rather than bolstering my confidence in the article diminished it having spent time amongst scientists who refuse to see their own interference in the their science, thus becoming priests to whatever god (agenda) they want to serve…rather than discrediting Trump, the author discredits himself.


      1. Your commentary used a lot of words but said nothing. If you are disputing the article’s truthfulness, why not state your case precisely?


  8. I enjoyed reading this article and agree with 99% of what you had to say. The one part which I take issue with, “Trump telling the story of an undocumented Irishman committing a heinous crime wouldn’t get the same roar of approval as a similar story about an “illegal Mexican.'”

    Part of my ethnic background is Irish. I have Irish from both sides of my family. Perhaps you are unaware of this, but the Irish were treated horribly when they first came to the USA in the early 1800s. Both my parents would never let me tell my friends that we had Irish blood and always emphasized the English, Scotish, and Danish lineage. They wouldn’t even confess to each others’ families they had Irish blood.

    I realize that the discrimination against the Irish isn’t as common now as it once was, but it did exist.

    My parents had both died by the time I was in my mid-twenties, and I have no specifics to offer, but there is plenty of information online that supports this discrimination.


    1. Must be nice to assimilate that easy. All you have to do is deny being Irish and claim to be English, Scottish, or Danish and won’t be doubted because you’re white.

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  9. Levying an accusation of racism against Donald Trump for being critical of Barach Obama’s immigration policy is the cowardly way out of any intelligent discussion. Your piece gave no indication of what an appropriate response to the continuing problem on the US Southern border. It is apparent that you are satisfied with the existing system, believing that only illegals can pick fruit. Your lack of confidence in the US potential and need to quickly screen and permit workers into US on temporary work visas is disappointing.

    I may find Donald Trump to be terse and at times inappropriate, but he has not shown himself to be racist.


    1. “When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending the best. They’re not sending you, they’re sending people that have lots of problems and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. … And some, I assume, are good people.”

      Now, since we know that this is a bald-faced lie, unsupported by any data and in fact disproven by much, I can’t imagine it being anything other than absolutely racist. Illegal immigration is a problem, but Trump is a racist.

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      1. Where this gets really ironic is that my Mexican wife is more conservative than I am (I left the Republican Party several years ago), but as we will apply for her naturalization before the next elections, Trump is turning her off. As long as he holds the Republican standard he’s going have Hispanics becoming Democrats, including her. As you have quoted Trump, he’s talking about Mexicans, not illegal aliens.


  10. Islamophobia and (all) bigotry is rife in the world and particularly in this Country sadly, however I know that there are many good people who wish to support Muslims they are attacked and harangued by bigoted individuals, groups and political parties, like Britain First, UKIP and far right groups in the USA. Show your support for our Muslim brothers and sisters and join the Facebook group called Muslims & Non-Muslims against Islamophobia and all bigotry. Make sure Muslims understand that people do care about them and the abuse they receive is not in our name. https://www.facebook.com/groups/againstbigotry/ Everyone is welcome.

    Also please join our off topic group, everything goes but hate 😊 https://www.facebook.com/groups/Againstbigotryofftopic/


      1. Being the typical psychotic liberal with no intellectual integrity ignore the fact that he said “race-based” crime.

        Someone with a phd should notice that. Or did you notice it and dishonestly choose to pretend otherwise?


      1. Per capita?

        You do understand that the per capita statistic is the relevant one right?

        Hard to think clearly when you’re so biased, as progressives are.


  11. We Americans do not like line cutters be it at Disneyland or for entry into this great country. Immigrants need to wait their turn, be properly vetted and allowed in based on the needs and ability of the nation. We simply cannot take all comers. Two of my immediate family members are recent (2007, 2009) immigrants. They did it legally after waiting their turn in line and being properly vetted (to include medical checks and proper inoculations). They are now thriving in America as US citizens.

    Donald Trump is more importantly a capitalist, the system that allows hard working immigrants to thrive in this nation. Trump’s wife, like yours, is also an immigrant but she followed the law and came here legally.

    Illegal immigration is bad for America and bad for the illegal immigrant. As bad as Social Security is, imagine having to pay into it for years with no chance of ever collecting any benefits from it.


    1. this is garbage. my white neighbor is just as likely, usually more likely, to cut me off, honk if I take too long exiting my driveway, or get huffy in the grocery store check-out line, than non-citizens. I say we get rid of the arrogant “I was here first” class and leave the hard-workers who just want a shot at a decent life, alone.


    2. I’m calling bullshit Michael, at least for the way you are describing it. Anyone that has navigated the immigration system for a loved one knows there is no “line”. Immigrants proceed at different paces independent of one another, and fully half of their number are able to come for a direct link of a marriage to a U.S. citizen, without any quotas (countering your statement of “needs and ability of the nation”).

      Randy’s wife IS a legal immigrant, she was able to become a Legal Permanent Resident through a section of U.S. immigration law. Mexicans are capitalists, visit there sometime to see for yourself. You pay money to enter the country, to travel to the interior, and to leave. Donald Trump should have selected his words better, but they are to get his voter base, the low-information voters that he can rile up with his boogiemen.


    3. If you were a true capitalist you would be an advocate for the free movement of labor. Why should the government decide what the labor market “needs”, right?


      1. Nope.

        If you did that you’d also shutdown the welfare system. Any true capitalist knows yoy can’t have open borders and a robust safety net.

        You can have one or the other. This is econ101. If you don’t understand that, you undetstand nothing.


  12. I urge you to remove the ad hominem (“clown,” “clown car”) and editorialized subtext, (such as “gasp,” etc.) throughout this otherwise excellent piece. It will be taken more seriously. Let your informed research speak for itself as you make comparisons to hate speech and Trump’s rhetoric. Name calling and pushing the reader toward your perspective is not necessary here. The information is strong enough to stand on its own merits without the subtext of your (justifiable) anger. Yes, it’s a blog piece, but it will garner more attention and shares if the subtext is removed. Or I urge you to write a similar piece worthy of sharing with less risk of it being written off as bias.

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  13. I don’t believe for one minute that The Donald is or will ever be the GOP chosen one. He is a tool to excite(or more appropriately create hysteria) on behalf of the party. He is mobilizing those the party can be sure will vote when properly misguided and he will be rewarded with bits of the party platform. Thank you for this professional insight to what is truly disturbing in our society.


  14. Thank you for writing this. While this is glaringly obvious to some of us, this needs to be addressed (often). This is the best essay I’ve read on Trump yet, and captures perfectly why this fear bubbles up and chokes me every time I hear this man speak. Again, thank you for writing this.


  15. There’s always been illegal immigration in this country…interesting how it’s a problem now. There’s no way either political party will disallow illegal immigration….Rs like the cheap labor, Ds like the votes. It’s not going away, so let’s look at the REAL problem: the LACK OF JOBS in this country. Republicans in Congress haven’t come up with a jobs bill, and continually vote against POs infrastructure jobs bill…basically cutting off their noses to spite their face. I hope at some point we stop assisting states who deny climate science and continue bleeding the rest of us dry while contributing cents on the dollar in taxes….but I digress. Brown and black groups get the wrongly-placed blame for the fact that our politicians and corporations have sent our jobs overseas. The real blame lies with them…but we’re lazy, we don’t want to have to vet our elected officials, it’s easier to blame others. Here’s what would happen…non-citizens are all escorted out of the country, leaving businesses to hire employees at the lower wages formerly paid to the non-citizens. And since we know business now fires new employees before their 3 month probation is up (so the employer doesn’t have to pay benefits), this creates deeper, wider income inequality so that these employees can never earn a decent living to participate in the perceived American Dream. This keeps the middle class dwindling while the already rich get richer. This is where middle class Rs are short-sighted in their support for narcissists like Trump. Wall Street, K Street, Corporations, and Congress have guaranteed tax breaks for the wealthy, evidence is clear in Congress’s refusal to raise the Social Security income cap, and their constant mantra of reducing taxes for the rich so their money trickles down to everybody else….WHICH IT HAS NEVER DONE, no matter how many times it’s been tried. So the idiots claiming that illegals are taking jobs away from whites, and costing us more money is ludicrous. The insanity of the terminally uninformed, paranoid class. Are they racist? Absolutely. Are they xenophobes? Absolutely. Will their Hilteresque solution succeed? NO. If you need more proof/evidence, check out the numbers (something most uninformed don’t bother with because their opinion is all they need, proof: climate science), whites are not reproducing to provide future generations of labor force/Social Security contributors. Without a labor force, the elders, disabled, widowed, sick, get no Social Security benefits. Without Social Security, millions more people will starve, die without healthcare, etc., because contrary to the crap you hear from Rs and Cs, churches can’t/won’t heal/feed all of the needy. Why you ask? Because many are racist (will only serve their congregation, or specific colors of people), and many don’t have the donations to provide the assistance necessary to care for the needy. Let’s stop looking at America through rose-colored glasses…it’s inhospitable to anybody younger than 50, browner than white, or with female genitalia. Any candidate who isn’t speaking to the issues concerning younger generations today, racism being one of them, will NOT be elected POTUS, and the older paranoid generations of racists, and young racists, will remain relagated to the fringes of society. Social media has made us a smaller planet, something racists hate, and technology has connected us in a way that exposes abuses and encourages/demands change. This is all stuff that racists in general don’t have a handle on, and is the very reason they’ll go the way of the dinosaur….extinct. And for the rest of us, the sooner they’re gone, the better.


    1. No. I just want to demonstrate how mindless liberals are. You get so caught up in your feelings you fail to address actual facts.

      My name shows you care more about appearances than ideas.

      An idea is valid, or isn’t, independent of who is saying it.

      Liberals are anti-intellectual and totalitarian.

      Thanks for proving my point.


  16. This sort of foolishness will only increase the power and popularity of Donald Trump. A lot of white people, and westernized non-whites, are tired of the constant sensitivity training narrative and the maudlin parasitical left which continually casts us as villains while digging into our bank accounts and paychecks to support causes we don’t share.

    Trump is the reaction to the constant left-wing, SJW, communist insanity. You leftists don’t believe in ‘live and let live,’ so now you are going to feel the burn of our frustrations through Trump. You can take it as a thorough refutation of your narrative.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sounds like you right wingers don’t believe in in “live and let live” either. I mean, apparently, the opinions of the left have really left your knickers in a bunch.


      1. If you leave us alone, then we will leave you alone. If there is no cultural compatibility between us then we are totally open to discussing peaceful separation.


      2. Nope. I’m a secular humanist, but progressives are the true threat of totalitarianism.

        I don’t see hatred anywhere like I do coming from leftists.

        You have no principles, and are intellectually backrupt and stunted by your hypocritical ideology.


      3. Again, I have to agree with you, James. I came from the 60s anti war movement and I became a socialist. Ever attend a leftist rally? Some of the most hate-filled people I’ve ever encountered.


      4. I see, semioplex… someone expressing their opinion is not believing in live and let live. Leftist have always and will always try and shut up the opposition. In contrast to Conservatives and Libertarians who love to hear leftists express their opinion, if only for the humor.

        Is it my imagination, or do leftists have a particularly difficult time using their real names?


  17. Funnily enough, Donald Trump will probably get a greater percentage and absolute number of the black and Hispanic vote than any of the last 3 Republican Presidents combined. They respect machismo and ‘big man’ politics, and knew Donald Trump by name and reputation long before the election. They do NOT respect or even tolerate male feminist stay-at-home dad bloggers, as evil racist white Europeans do.

    Ironically, the best way to protect your liberal lifestyle is to promote white supremacy. Even the hillbilliest of Southern racists are generally far less dangerous than urban blacks and Hispanics, and you would move out of your neighborhood in a heartbeat if it showed critical levels of enrichment.

    “Lead the world in multiculturalism like you started. That’s what made America GREAT!”

    America’s start was in religious fanatics beating back the “merciless Indian Savages” that the Righteous Disengenuous White Ruling Class Liberals in Britain so loved to stir up against its people on the frontier, then constructing and civilizing the country when those threats had been dealt with and the hand of Britain no longer controlled its destiny. It inspired the best of Britain and the continent to emigrate and seek their fortune in the New World, and the creation of whiteness was the answer to Europe’s tribalism. That racial/national syncretism, however, has limits that cannot be pushed without the whole thing breaking down, just like all real things do.


  18. Thank you for writing this and for your in depth research of mental illness. As human beings we are wired NOT to attack, eat or destroy our our kind. I find it fascinating that we legitimize racism as some kind of personality/character trait. Actually it makes sense since pharmaceutical companies drive mental health diagnosis. However, racism, its practice, IS a mental illness as well as fanaticism, pedophilia, sexual deviancy and delusions of grandeur.

    The comments posted, that bee guy, the hitler commenter and those that dare attempt edit of your writing and research, are laughable. As a woman descendant of native/indigenous/FULL blooded American Indians- what the hell are white people talking about/thinking when they say “we Americans”? You ARE NOT American by blood so YOU go HOME! Simple, right? Mental instability? maybe. Undiagnosed, yes.

    Lastly, thank you for sharing statistics but it means nothing to grown people who don’t know how to write properly or execute proper grammar. I’m astonished by the lack of intelligence, if you are going to spew hate can it at least be in syntax? I guess not, it would be a lot easier to read. Trump is at the forefront because he can string two sentences together and has all of his teeth.

    I hate what racism does, it reduces everyone to the gutter. I hate that I have to resort to mongering in order to get a point across. Your time and effort is appreciated, fortunately we’ve been prepared for the long racist haul since 1610.


    1. Get over the past. What, europeans killed the indians.

      What’s your real point?

      Does that mean we should have open borders and let in anyone and everyone who wants in?

      You SJW’s are classic. So freaking hypocritical and ignorant. Everything is emotional. No thought. Just reflex.


    2. You progressives are a threat to the nation. You’re bringing about tyranny.

      You want to ban anything that’s offensive, unless it offends white male christians.


  19. I invite you to come to New Orleans and take the RTA bus which runs on Broad to eastern New Orleans and then after they beat you for having a lighter skin pigmentation and steal what you may happen to have with you we can read your article about the experience.


    1. And yet he’s very successful regardless of whatever mental disorder he may or may not have. Every politician has a mental disorder; the one where they can lie through their teeth to anyone’s face so easily. At least Trump doesn’t have THAT disorder!


  20. So you take ONE video of ONE person saying “white power” and come to this conclusion? Not to mention it’s from Mobile Alabama! And you have the nerve to say that Trump is generalizing ALL Mexicans? This is why you progressives will never progress; too much willful-ignorance and disguised hatred of those you disagree with.


    1. They aren’t progressive. They are regressive totalitarians.

      If they had their way there would be huge posters of Obama all over the place, and no one would be able to say anything negative about him without being severely punished.


  21. Racism is that thing people talk about when they have no idea how to grasp what is going on.
    I can’t imagine ‘studying’ it or god forbid, getting a PhD on the subject. But presuming your opinion on it means any more than the next person because you spent $100,000 to be taken seriously on it, means I will ignore what you wrote with a vengeance.

    Racism is a construct used by the rich to turn poor and middle class people against each other. Racism itself is a preposterous concept. People don’t hate other races because they “hate them deep down for being different” or because their “skin is black” etc etc. They hate them for overarching socioeconomic reasons. They took their jobs, they dominate some industry, they band together and do something better, or worse.

    This delusion that racism is some irrational, inexplicable hatred is absurd. It exists for clearly definable reasons that almost always have to do with money, and occasionally, religion.

    Trying to ‘stamp it out’ would take as much violence as the racism itself causes.

    The race problem in America is manufactured and stoked by the media, and the elites, who know how easy we are to manipulate, with bogus movements like “black lives matter” and yet other groups are completely protected and immune from criticism, while it is completely in vogue to be “anti-islamic”

    There is nothing noble about America’s current racial attitude, and nothing noble about anyone trying to fix it, because usually they are the same people maintaining it.

    Connecting Trump to this is total nonsense. The guy is an idiot, of course, but racist? Well,then everyone is a racist, not one excluded.

    And though I couldn’t care less, and would never lower myself to voting in a national election, I will say Trump is actually the least evil choice out of the array of evil candidates we have to choose from



  22. someone must have given the orders to pump the racial angle…tomorrow will be qualifications…so Trump is a bad guy, islam is peaceful, and only gay people can have a flag and play with each other in parades?…..what’s your PhD in?……lying? conartistry?…cloak and dagger?


  23. The author makes the point that some racists will use Trump’s words in their racism. So what? Idiots use other peoples’ words to their own ends every day. Progressives have done it for decades, glomming onto Marx, Trotsky, Stalin, Mao and every other failed totalitarian thug.

    The fact of the matter is that Trump said nothing racist. He didn’t condemn ALL immigrants or ALL Mexicans. He condemned ILLEGAL immigrants and noted that some, if not many of those invading our southern border are criminals. He merely stated facts that Progressives have twisted to their own ends.


  24. Excellent article — it’s eloquent, well-argued, and thought-provoking. I agree that Trump’s campaign is merely a way to appease his own narcissism. The thing that surprises me is the number of supporters he’s attracted. Thinking about what this has unveiled, in the American public, terrifies me.

    Liked by 2 people

  25. Boy, you really attract a wide cross-section of ill-tempered racists, bigots, ignoramuses and other “morans” here…you must have said something important. I, for one, can’t WAIT until Bernie Sanders wins, and these people leave for the fucking Antarctic!

    Keep up the good work.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The funny thing is, you and the author are the actual bigots.

      You are bigoted towards Trump supporters.

      You guys have no intellectual integrity.


  26. Intriguing Dr. Blazak. It is unfortunate (or fortunate depending upon your perspective) that human beings will always have biases. There will also always be those who play to those biases such as Mr. Trump seeking to capitalize on them for their own cause or position. Another intriguing aspect of this discussion is the validation of our focus on self-esteem. The comments and reactions to your blog reflects the unfortunate focus on self-esteem and the need for validation in a world where focus on the other is needed. Scapegoating allows us to shrug off any responsibility and contributions to the social problems that exist in our country. Mr. Trump has helped to crystallize the new scapegoat population for those who would align with this perspective. I enjoyed reading your blog.


    1. The author is the one most guilty of bias.

      This was a travesty of a post. The author is an intellectial lightweight with no integrity.


  27. Although the Constitution say that one can have Free Speech – it should also follow that one is then Responsible for the actions of said Speech.
    If one’s words incites violence and makes other commit violence in one’s name – then one should likewise be held as a party to that violence.


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