Protecting Our Children from the Trump Virus

March 24, 2020

I’m not sure what day of the self-quarantine this is. I know it’s the second day of Oregon’s “shelter in place” order but the streets of Portland have been increasingly empty for over the last ten days, since the governor ordered all the schools closed a week before spring break, dropping thousands of kids in the laps of trying-not-to-panic parents. We don’t know what’s happening. I wonder if they do.

Our Cozy, at 5 and a half, is pretty smart. She rides around the car with me, secretly listening to NPR (I thought she was staring out the window, thinking about unicorns). Like most, I’ve been a little too addicted to the news about the advancing Trump virus. “Hey, Coze, where do you think this coronavirus came from?” I asked, trying to gage her comprehension of the global slowdown.

“It’s from sick bats in China,” she calmly said. I was expecting some kindergarten-level theory about it coming from flying monkeys hiding inside rain clouds. She’s probably been checking the infection rates on the Johns Hopkins website.


But the reality of the impending sense of doom as the Trump virus shuts down the world she knows lurks like a monster in the closet. Our spring break tradition includes a trip to the super weird and wonderful Enchanted Forest amusement park, south of Salem. Closed due to the virus. We had planned a trip to Joesph, Oregon to hike around the eastern part of the state. Prohibited. Play dates, ice cream shops, jungle gyms, The Old Spaghetti Factory, all her favorite things are off limits for now and we don’t know when they won’t be. She doesn’t care about the stock market, but the fact that she can’t hug her friends is a red flag that things have changed drastically.


This might be every parents secondary concern right now (the first being how to protect their children from contracting the Trump virus). How do we keep the kids from being infected with our generalized anxiety? Things are about to get even worse, but I don’t want my small child to know. She’s got washing her hands to “Happy Birthday” twice down pat, but does she realize that she’s not returning to her kindergarten class? The next time she goes to school she will be a first grader (God, please) and everything will be different. I keep thinking of that 1997 movie, Life is Beautiful, where Roberto Benigni and his young son are in a Nazi concentration camp and he convinces his son that they are actually in an exciting game to keep him from being completely traumatized. Dad is murdered by the Nazis in the end.

I’ll be honest, this Dad has been struggling. The Trump virus has upended the economic stability I started to find in 2019. It’s put my 70-something parents at risk. I’ve got an old friend in the ICU in an Atlanta hospital with a COVID-19 infection, and the dumbass Spring Breakers at the beach are not exactly flattening the curve. I feel like I’m inside a Joy Division album. Cozy is frustrated that Dad spends so much time watching the news or checking in on line. What to do, as we slide deeper into the social distance?

As usual, my bad ass wife snapped me out of the funk. She reminded me of all the positive things that are happening in this moment, most importantly all the wonderful family time that we’ve been gifted that will have a huge impact on our daughter. We’ve gotten to be homeschoolers, play dates, and creative time passers. (Andi has already given Cozy a haircut, two (henna) cat tattoos, and lots of weekday attention.) We’re planning some family art projects and Cozy and I are committed to learning how to play chess before this thing is over. We’re also catching up on Disney movies (Thank you, Disney+ for releasing Frozen 2 three months early!) And we’ve got a daily calisthenics routine we do on the sidewalk, to the delight out our neighbors.


I’ve been running daily (now that the gym is closed) and reconnecting with the music of my youth. (You can run really hard to Van Halen). In the process, I’ve noticed neighbors and strangers seem more friendly, waving from their bubbles. The explosion of live music coming in from my social media platforms has put me in the room with some of my favorite performers, including Patti Smith, Michelle Malone, and Ben Gibbard (every day at 4 pm!). Something is happening. It’s like a government imposed artist retreat (as Patti called it) that’s also producing some much needed civility. The Trump virus is the great equalizer, but beautiful things may emerge from it. Andi and I have even started on a screenplay project!

She was quick to remind that when all this is over, people might slip back to their 9 to 5 grooves, complaining about how they don’t have any time to do the things that they really want to do. As a sociologist, I’m hoping this is a paradigm shift. That once we taste this new version of our lives, we won’t want to go back to the rut. We’ll create a new synthesis, transformed by the quarantine into a new global community.


So this is what we must share out with our children, that out of crisis comes opportunity. Not to make a fast buck, like those looking for a corporate bailout from the Trump virus aid package. The opportunity to create new things, that connect us in new and beautiful ways. Cozy wants to write postcards! The social organism is adapting. We might look on this moment in history like how we look at how the Black Plague in 1340s Italy paved the way for the Renaissance, as Europeans embraced a lust for life instead of endlessly pondering the afterlife. Let the Trump virus unleash our lust for life and let our children know all the beautiful things that are coming.

Let us come out of this a new version of us, connected and complete. And let the optimism of our children be our guide.

3 thoughts on “Protecting Our Children from the Trump Virus

  1. Rather than calling it the China virus or the Trump virus, let’s call it the world’s virus. After all, this virus is in our planet.

    As I hear more and more about COVID-19, the world’s economy, famine, and even earthquakes is various places, the more it tells me we are getting closer to the church (those who have confessed and believed in Christ Romans 10:9-10) being raptured and God pouring out His wrath on a Christ rejecting world (Revelations 6-19). Here’s some things to take a look at:

    Earthquakes: In Matthew 24:7 “For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, and there will be famines and earthquakes in various places.” We are seeing this happen all over the world right now. More recently is Salt Lake City. There’s a fault line that runs east of Salt Lake City, but not through it. The last time Salt Lake City had an earthquake was back in 1962 and it was a 5.0. The latest one happened on March 18.

    World economy: We all know that the world’s economy isn’t doing well at all. This is the worst it’s been in nearly 70 years. If it keeps tanking, then it’ll be worse than the Great Depression. As the economy keeps dropping, the more I’ve been hearing about people wanting to move towards a one world currency. This is interesting because the bible talks about a one world currency. In Revelations 13:16 “He causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads,” John (the author) is talking about how there’s going to be a world leader during the 7 year tribulation and this leader is going to force people to obtain his mark. This mark will allow people to buy, sell, and trade. This is happening right now in Sweden and a study that is currently happening at Rice University with quantum-dot tattooing.

    I could make a list that can be longer than your writing here. I want you to think about something. In Matthew 24:8 “All these are but the beginning of the birth pains,” Jesus said this is what it’s going to feel like as a sign of His return. Doesn’t things feel like that? Doesn’t it feel like there’s a heavier weight being brought on the world? Randy, all I want is for you and your family to believe in the one true God. Romans 10:9-10 “that if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. For with the heart one believes unto righteousness, and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.” It’s that easy. I don’t want to see you and your family be left behind when the church is taken home and the rest of the world has to deal with God’s wrath. I share this out of love for you.


    1. Thank you so much, Brian, for your efforts in trying to save our souls, one blog post at a time… Did you read what Dr. Blazak wrote? I ask because your “one thought” reply does not seem to address anything he wrote in the post, yet you appear to call into question his dedication to Yahweh, inexplicably. I can only deduce that his use of the the phrase “Trump Virus”, and not something more along the lines of, “World Virus”, for example, raised a red flag which indicated to you that Dr. Blazak lacks proper knowledge of the One True God. So, because of this red flag, you took it upon yourself to educate him. I believe it will do the trick, as it has sparked in me an epiphany so strong that I will never be the same. I suppose that is a bonus that comes with being such a potent evangelist! Thank you for your efforts, Brian, and please continue to bring truth to the unsuspecting masses.


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