Sometimes you really need a moment.

June 12, 2016


Since I started writing this blog, I’ve been pretty good at least one piece each week. I kind of got overwhelmed last week. First, my last piece on rape culture cosmically intersected with the revelations of the sentencing of Stanford rapists Brock Turner and his pathetic parents.  I also had a truckload of work reviewing research proposals for the National Institute of Justice for a big meeting in our nation’s capital. Now I’m in Washington DC just glued to the news from Orlando. Sometimes you just don’t get much of a chance to collect your thoughts (especially when you waste valuable life time arguing with people on Facebook).

I’ve written about how gay pride events have helped me move away from my own homophobia. I’ve also written about how being a media “expert” on mass violence is a double edge sword. I had planned on finally giving an update on Cozy’s gender evolution as she approaches 22 months old. A chance to move from the macro back towards my domestic micro.

But right now in my hotel room in Arlington. I was going to go to the gay pride parade in DC. I probably should. I’m sure it will be a somber emotional event as we remember the 50 dancing souls that were exterminated this morning by a madman (again, a man). I think I’m just going to close my eyes and imagine a world without hate that I so desperately want to deliver to my child. No prayers or thoughts, just a quiet dedication to make it so.

Photo on 6-12-16 at 4.20 PM

7 thoughts on “Sometimes you really need a moment.

  1. Mass murder is wrong, but we should not worship the victims. Though this will offend, it wouldn’t surprise me if 1 or more of the murder victims were drug dealers or gay pedophiles. Murder is wrong but that doesn’t mean worship murder victim. We should only say murder is wrong & must be punished.


  2. With that sentencing of the rapist only getting 6 months in jail- yes he should have gotten a few years in prison for raping woman. @ least this man got some jail time while there have been cases where women have falsely accused men of rape & women weren’t prosecuted. 2006 Duke woman who made the gang rape accusation-it was proven the men were innocent.if she had done jail time in 2007, then possibly she wouldn’t have murdered her ex boyfriend in 2011-she since went on to commit child abuse (2010, etc.)


  3. See what this law firm said
    All of us at the Kronzek Firm offer prayers for the victims and their families of the cowardly terrorist shooter in Orlando.
    If you are concerned about security in America, think about the fact that this terrorist Omar Mateen, age 29, has worked for one of the larger security firms in our country since 2007. He was a security guard for G4S Secure Solutions which provides security services in the USA and internationally. They are based in Martin County, FL. He and his father were known to be ISIS supporters.
    What say you politicians now?

    My thoughts to what this law firm said-yes this mass murder is wrong, only this law firm talks with forked tongue, Kronzek & Cronkright, PLLC gets rich defending cowards who molest children as they are criminal defense lawyers. Kronzek & Cronkright, PLLC supports rights of child molesters as they make money defending them. Yes, it’s constitutional right for suspects to have a lawyer defend them but defense lawyers know most people they respresnt are guilty.


  4. Ok so this is cynical…but I’ve never seen (read FB comments from) so many right wingers…sad, crying, praying and *FINALLY* giving a shit about their fellow Gay Americans as actual, real people. It only took their hatred of the Muslim to outweigh their hatred of the Gay. steps my little wingnuts…baby steps.


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