“Donald Trump is the new face of white supremacy,” says hate crime expert.

August 24, 2015


Before you think this article is “just one liberal’s opinion,” let me briefly say I have dedicated my life to studying racism. I earned my PhD from Emory University in 1995 after spending several years doing ethnographic field studies of white supremacist groups. I have published books and articles in peer-reviewed journals on the subject and have appeared on more TV shows than I can remember discussing how hate works. In my 20 years at Portland State University, I interviewed scores of committed racists, from teenage skinheads to racist murderers and founders of Nazi prison gangs. So when I say that presidential candidate Donald Trump is a racist hate-monger it’s not just a political pejorative. He has a constitutional right to hold and express racist views, but using those views to manipulate the intellectually vulnerable and mobilize active bigots requires a coherent response. As an expert on hate, I am more than comfortable stating that either Trump is a virulent racist or that he is willing to perform racism and use racism of others to advance his political position.

Trump represents a frightening trend of convenient racism rooted a belief that America was great before ethnic and racial minorities, women, and sexual minorities wanted equal rights. (What Trump calls “political correctness.”) These people will say that “racism is wrong, but…” or “I’m not a racist, but…” and then something deeply racist follows. They’ll say that “all lives matter,” in the face of the movement to acknowledge the devaluing of black lives. They’ll say they are not homophobes, just for “religious freedom” (an argument the KKK still makes). They’ll say they’re not Islamaphobes, just against terrorism (ignoring the carnage done by domestic, often Christian, terrorists). And they’ll say that they are not bigots, just opposed to illegal immigration (of brown people). It’s a kinder, gentler form of bigotry, but it’s still bigotry. And Donald Trump is the new Father Coughlin and he wants to be free of the political correctness that would stand in the way of his bigotry. (At least he’s abandoned the GOP’s “go after the gays” mantra from the last election.)


Trump has been visiting states with troubled racial histories to sell his rallying cry that “illegal immigrants are killers and rapists.” First Arizona and then, on Friday, Alabama. He started his rally with some classic hate speech, telling the assembled 30,000 supporters and curious (I would have gone to see the Trump clown show) about the alleged rape and torture of a 66-year-old victim in California who was supposedly attacked by an “illegal immigrant.” The crowd went wild. “We have to do it. We have to do something,” he then said. The crowd roared, and some chanted, “White power!

Two things to know about Trump’s rhetoric

Anyone knowledgeable about the horrific statistics on rape know that women are overwhelmingly victimized by somebody they know, including family members and dates. Only about 18% of rapes are committed by a stranger (and a tiny fraction of those by undocumented immigrants). So if Trump actually cared about women, it would make more sense to devote his rape obsession to step-fathers instead of Mexican immigrants.  Of course, this is a man who has been challenged on the issue of marital rape of one of his ex-wives. Rape is an emotional issue. It was used to lynch innocent blacks in the South and Trump is using it the same way to go after people who are often the hardest workers in the country.

Secondly, in my research I have attended numerous Klan rallies, skinhead gatherings, and meetings of the Aryan Nations, and the rhetoric is almost exactly the same as Trump’s. I was at a Klan Rally in Covington, Georgia in 1991 in which a Klan leader told the small crowd the story of a white woman who had been raped and beaten by an “illegal Mexican.” As with Trump’s story, whether it was true or not didn’t matter. It served to whip the racists into a frenzy. And like Trump’s crowd they were out to “do something” about it. I’ve heard Trump’s rhetoric many times before. “Let’s go back in time to when America was great.” Usually the speaker had a swastika tattoo.


So it wasn’t surprising last week when a news story emerged of two brothers in Boston who brutally beat a homeless Latino man (and urinated on him), claiming they were inspired by Trump’s anti-immigrant rhetoric. “Donald Trump was right, all these illegals need to be deported,” one said, in the police report. When told of the crime, instead of condemning it, Trump said, “I will say that people who are following me are very passionate. They love this country and they want this country to be great again.” Later, after much outcry, he backpedaled, posting that he opposed violence on his Twitter account. We still don’t know if he opposes urinating on immigrants. We also don’t know if there have been similar Trump-inspired hate crimes, but it is very likely there will be.

The most reasonable Republican candidate might be Ohio governor John Kasich (who was just endorsed by Deez Nuts!).  At the first GOP/Fox News debate earlier this month, Kasich (maybe buttering up the Donald), admitted that Trump was “hitting a nerve with voters.” But it’s not all Americans. It’s a small subsection of white people who fear the reality that America is getting less white (and more brown). They see the privilege of their white authority undermined every time they walk into a Home Depot and see signs in English and (gasp!) in Spanish. These are the people who say, “I’m not a racist, but…”

The United States is a nation of immigrants, coming from all directions. Most white Americans have ancestors that only go back to no further than the 1880s, making them “less American” than descendants of African slaves. When my great grandfather, Michael Blazak, came here from Prague in the 1890s, he faced plenty of anti-Catholic hostility. His son converted to Protestantism and married the daughter of a Klansman and the cycle of immigrant hating continued. “They’re taking our country away! Let’s make America great again and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!”

Trump lies to win support

Obviously, Trump is a clown who will say anything that feeds his narcissism. When he said he was going to get Mexico to pay for a wall between our two countries, I could just hear President Peña Nieto laughing and saying, “Señor Trump, chupamela.” Trumpies (I’m coining that term) often say they love Trump because he tells it like it is. If by that they mean that billionaires buy politicians in return for political favors (as Trump admitted in the Fox debate), they are correct. But if they mean all the rest of the crazy stuff that comes out of his mouth, in reality Trump tells it like it isn’t, but it’s what “I’m not racist” racists wish it was. Politifact works overtime trying the present the actual facts to Trump’s lies, but the Trumpies prefer the lie. Something far too common on the right. (“Obama is a Muslim!” “Iraq had weapons of mass destruction!” “The Jews control the banks!”)

Where Trump’s lies are greatest are his bizarre tirades on immigration. Despite his fear mongering, the number of undocumented immigrants has been on the decline since 2009.  And despite his endless mantra about “rapists and murderers,” actual data (a word the “King of Capitalism” should know) shows that crime rates in cities decline as their population of undocumented immigrants increase. Think about it. If you are living in America without papers, you aren’t even going to jaywalk. Why do anything that would risk deportation?

My wife was an illegal immigrant. Thanks to immigration reform under President Bill Clinton, and a lot of difficult hoops to jump through, she earned a permanent resident card and is hoping to become a citizen in time to vote in this election. Our daughter, Cozy, would surely be called an “anchor baby” by Trump (and Jeb Bush). Bush recently asked for a better term to use instead of “anchor baby.” I would suggest the word, “baby.” But dehumanizing immigrants (even infants) wins the “I’m not racist, but…” voters. Trump has said on his first day of his presidency he would immediately “get rid of all these people” (I assume my wife and child are included in that group). Besides the fact it’s not possible (Trump’s “looking into” changing the 14th Amendment of the Constitution), it would devastate the American economy. Who does he thinks picks the strawberries that go into his daiquiris? His latest wife is not only a lingerie model but an immigrant! Maybe he should ask her. (The new First Lady?)


It’s ironic that Trump laid this line out in Sweet Home Alabama. Alabama Republicans passed a law in 2011 (HB 56, the Alabama Taxpayer and Citizen Protection Act) to crack down on “illegals.” Residents soon saw produce rotting in fields, disappearing from grocery shelves and restaurants closing. The federal government weighed in (with the help of the Southern Poverty Law Center) on the Constitutionality of the law and it is now a fond memory of the intersection between racist politics and reality.

Alabama tried a Donald Trump-style immigration law. It failed in a big way.

Trump, of course, caters to the convenient racists. At the Alabama rally he was joined on stage by Jeff Sessions, one of the most extreme anti-immigration politicians in the country who has been linked to white supremacist groups. Trump is now using this avowed racist as a “consultant” on his immigration policy. It should be pointed out that when Trumpies blather about “illegal immigrants,” they are not concerned about undocumented Russians, Ukrainians, Irish, Canadians or even Chinese. It’s all about brown people. Trump telling the story of an undocumented Irishman committing a heinous crime wouldn’t get the same roar of approval as a similar story about an “illegal Mexican.”

And now that Trump is trying to woo Conservative Christians, he’s added Islamophobia into his stump speeches, including making up stories about Christian refugees from Syria not being allowed into the U.S., when Muslim refugees are. It’s another lie, but the “I’m not racist” Trumpies send the lie around in chain emails and Facebook stories. (It even got posted by a Trumpie on my page.) Can you imagine what Jesus would say about Donald?

I sincerely doubt Trump really wants to be president of the country and submit himself to the art of the compromise that is politics in the real world. He just wants to win to feed his massive ego. But who knows how many hate crimes he will inspire in the process. It should be noted that Trump is widely popular on the racist Stormfront discussion board. Stormfront is the primary place white supremacists and Neo-Nazis meet and registered members have been linked to almost 100 murders.

White supremacists lining up behind Trump

Screen Shot 2015-08-23 at 9.13.41 PM

I know this blog is supposed to be about being a feminist father and the challenges of raising my daughter in a patriarchal world and not about politics. But there is no better example of the failed model of racist, sexist masculinity than Donald J. Trump. He is an artifact of the past and he wants to drag the country back to it. The man’s rhetoric directly affects the security of my family. The thought of someone hating my wife and child (or attacking them) because they want to “make America great again,” is frightening. When was Trump’s America great? In 2008, when the Great Recession started? In 1954, before the passage of Brown vs. the Board of Education? In 1860, before the start of the Civil War? America is better than Donald Trump, but I fight against him for the safety of my family.

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Here is a song for Señor Trump he might know.

568 thoughts on ““Donald Trump is the new face of white supremacy,” says hate crime expert.

      1. Any evidence for your claim, other than your rabid hateful bias against anyone who doesn’t think like you?

        Trump is smarter and less hateful than you are. Trump is more honest than Hillary. Deal with that.

        Thanks for fulfilling Godwin’s Law. It’s always the nuts that do it.


      2. What a shame, I was hoping to get a non biased view of the subject on Trumps’ popularity, but instead merely got the liberal talking points about everything wrong with the Right. Not a shock really, considering the source as It appears you have spent your entire life looking for racism and being an apologist for being white. People like you are just as much to blame for the lack of civil discourse in this country by opposing political views as the Fox nuts are.

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      3. Yet Trump supporters are overwhelmingly white and poorly educated. That doesn’t make them racist. But when Trump portrayed Mexican immigrants as criminals and Muslims as terrorists, his supporters only cheered louder. That does make them racist and bigoted no matter how you spin it. No doubt about it, Trump’s supporters are angry and want their piece of the pie. But in an economy with less than 5% unemployment, don’t they have some personal responsibility to go where the jobs are? To develop skills needed in today’s job market? Instead of blaming their problems on immigrants and Muslims? Now I may be way off base here about what exactly Trump’s people want. But I’m willing to be educated if they can stop the mudslinging for long enough to have a civil conversation.


      4. Great read. TRUTH!!! Except one little detail that I happen to be passionate about. The word “Skinhead”
        REAL Skinheads are NOT racist. Please don’t place skinheads in the same category of racist scum.
        I am a skinhead. In our crew we have whites, blacks, browns, asians. So with that being said how is it that Skinheads are racists? If a person claims to be a skinhead and is racist, that person IS NOT a skinhead, they are simply a piece of racist crap. Please research the real history of when, where and why skinheads exist. It is very interesting history, and due to media, Hollywood, and articles like this people do not know the real truth. You…having a Phd, should have the responsibility to know the difference, especially in the case of “racism” being your expertise.
        Skinheads are about music, style, and the working class.
        But again GREAT article!!


      5. Randy, I read in the comments that you earned a Ph.D. in, I believe, Sociology. ‘Nuf said. I think the true understanding of the street-level is inversely proportional to the education level, and that is exponentially increased by degrees like Sociology.

        Black ‘n white evidence (pun intended) is your writing. No evidence. Nothing. Please believe me: every trumpie and the majority of America considers your apparent nature to be pure standard issue libtard.

        What is a libtard? Well, glad you asked.

        The libtard, that subtle creature, that master of no-think, impervious to any impulse to explore the content of protest, lacking all empathy for his fellow sovereign citizens when they cry foul, no curiosity behind his own belly button lint …

        1. Lives through what’s failed and cries “more, more, more!”.
        2. Cannot grok those who are repulsed by his belly button lint fondling and only want ground based facts of life rectified, being protected by an elitist standing and reaffirmed in his narcissistic lack of empathy every time real people protest something that involves other races. These are his fellow citizens, even more deserving of ridicule and derision without examination, only summary judgement from the High Libtard Court, and just more fodder for the self-affirming Narcissist Nirvana.
        3. Doesn’t have the capacity to even form a concept about root causes, as they are an infelicitous insult to that warm feeling of the belly button lint. As such, the Pavlovian “racists!” is emitted in narcissist overreaction each time. This is because the libtard is the original racist: who race-baits anyone who protests results that involve another ethnicity, but which protests really involve root causes and are not about race per se.
        4. Is terribly afraid of the real world. That terrible reality where nobody is “equal” and never will be, where normally it’s all merit driven in true capitalism and in the woods. Better is the Narcissist Nirvana, where all are “forced” to be equal. The real world – eeek – where he’d have to compete with the armies of brown and black if he was ever defrocked, and the white rednecks. The colored would welcome you; the rednecks would disembowel you, then eatcha. 🙂 Most of all, he’s afraid of the whites. And well he should, for he has demonstrated a certain worthlessness, a sacrifice of integrity, being allied to the boot and cudgel of central authority demanding all are subject to insertion into the kitchen blender “for your own good” – all for the warm fuzzies of his belly button.

        Well, libtards are to be the new extinct species in America. We’ll let nature take its course, cuz’ I got a truck full of popcorn and wouldn’t miss the show.


      6. Sylvia ….

        “when Trump portrayed Mexican immigrants as criminals and Muslims as terrorists, his supporters only cheered louder. That does make them racist and bigoted no matter how you spin it.”

        I believe he didn’t state that. He said that a lot of them are criminals. There have been plenty of violent crimes by them. If you don’t care, then explain to the American families. You cannot. And they’re not “immigrants”; rather they’re illegal immigrants. There’s bigger problem… There are immig. laws to protect our sovereignty and economy. You just simply don’t live in that world affected by the millions here (6-18million; nobody knows – doesn’t your libbo mind tell that fact is a clue to a big problem?). You have no metrics on what’s too much. Most of America DOES live in that world and there’s an accidental avenue for them to speak out (the Trumpster Army). You apparently only care about calling them racists, because that excites your belly button in your funny little world. It’s narcissistic.

        “Trump’s supporters are angry and want their piece of the pie. But in an economy with less than 5% unemployment, don’t they have some personal responsibility to go where the jobs are? To develop skills needed in today’s job market?”

        Wrong. The whole middle class is angry and the economy is one big phony ponzi being extracted from by the corrupt DC/K St./Wall St. machine. The trumpies don’t likely understand too much detail here, but neither do you or you’d “get it”.

        What’s with the 5%? You, like a typical libtard, believes the magic soothing BS blather fed you by your loving govt. Try shadowstats.com, by an expert. Go where the jobs are? What, like the migrants? If it’s good enough for illlegals, it’s good enough for citizens, I guess. Roam around we must? Like the itinerant field workers of old, the serfs. Rent (mortgage) going to the Treasury via the IRS, to the manor keepers. The libtard simply has no capacity to recognize debt slavery. More! More! More!

        Those jobs, even in engineering, are turning into temp contracts with agent middlemen, which is the clever machine suppressing pay in the field. The middlemen are all from – wait for it — India. Go to the jobs and develop skills? With what money? They’ve been eviscerated. There are millions of high paid jobs held by the H-1B visa crowd from India & China; no protections for U.S. citizens. The design is to suppress pay. It’s working. Instead of sovereignty we have this. Where’s the incentive for the college bound to go into STEM fields? Your govt at work. But you love the govt; they protect you. Grow up, get a brain, and go from there.

        “Instead of blaming their problems on immigrants and Muslims? Now I may be way off base here about what exactly Trump’s people want. But I’m willing to be educated if they can stop the mudslinging for long enough to have a civil conversation.”

        The appearance while you fondle your belly button is that they’re blaming other ethnicity. Some don’t know why or how they’ve been fukked by our system so they can’t articulate it. You can’t either; but you have no excuse … yer supposed to be highly educated.

        What do Trump’s people want ?????? ——————————————————–

        It’s very diverse I’m sure. They want an end to the extraction and the misdirection by twiddle-dee / twiddle-dum Parties. You can see, I hope, that the Party system is dying before your eyes. The more other candidates try different strategies to wriggle free the more the entrapment strengthens. See, what your seeing is “the truth will out”. It’s painful for them. The hook just digs deeper. The libtards are horrified and perplexed. Perplexed – the true tell-tale of utter and total ignorance.

        I swear an OATH: I don’t care WTF Trump utters. The more the DC morons attack him, the more the I glory and gloat: it means we’re on the right track. For myself, I want total destruction of this system. Some trump-o-filia don’t realize it in themselves yet. They will. Too bad Kasich doesn’t have more of a chance; he’s the adult _with_ all the needed successful experience actually achieving what’s needed. TOO LATE for that now. I hope Il Duce Trumpo recruits him.


    1. Anyone can be invested in white power, even (and often) non-white people. Ben Carson, Clarence Thomas, etc. Besides, the “I’m not racist” racists love enlisting black Americans to help do their dirty work. I’m a professor researching this but really it’s not that complicated, if incredibly pathetic and ignororant. Nativism can and does draw in non-white Americans.

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      1. As much as I’d love to get into a debate with someone whose handle is Hitler, I’ll pass. I assume your ignorance knows no bounds and does not respond to things such as reason and evidence.

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      2. I love how liberal regressives think names matter more than ideas.

        What an intellectual lightweight you are.

        The very fact that my name throws you off proves you don’t care about facts and ideas. You care about braindead dishonest identity politics.

        Congratulations, you’ve proven my point.

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      3. “I’m a professor researching this …”. ‘Nuf said. hahahahahaha ha ha
        Cynthia, you’re doing nothing of the kind. You’re merely finding new ways to fondle yer belly button lint. Have fun !

        If “it’s not that complicated” then surely we should need a new federal program of armies of professors to investigate it. I actually think that would be a good thing. Get them fully cross-eyed and libtarded in order that they become totally irrelevant even to new members of their cult, and then go poooof. Ayup, gonna happen. The trend’s yer friend, is what I say. Tally ho!


      4. Cynthia … “Nativism can and does draw in non-white Americans.” Uh… forgive my redneck ignorance, but what exactly is Nativism?

        Reminds me of the movie “Gangs of New York”. Natives against the Dead Rabbits. Mr. Hitler is right; you’ve glommed onto some new word coined first, I believe, by – wait for it – Pres. GW Bush. Congratulations. I did see video of him using it.

        Black national church leaders support da Trumpster …

        Could it be that “nativism” is the new libtard attempt at classifying all who oppose illegal immigration? Note the clear implication: native identity bad, externalities – imposed by whom or what? – they’re good. Understanding the protest’s content: not so good. Pick up the handy epithets like ‘racist’; that’s automatic.

        Cynthia: Truly and honestly, your ilk appears to all of us intellectuals out here with a brain formed in the real world like a herd of absolute mental midgets.


      5. “Besides, the “I’m not racist” racists love enlisting black Americans to help do their dirty work.”
        Cynthia, this is compelling. Since yer a professor and yer professing what racists, in fact, love, we’d all like to know how you come by this knowledge, and where’s the evidence besides what blurry images appear while yer fondling yer belly button.

        Truly and honestly, my reaction is that you are the true racist, or bigot to be more precise. The R word is more properly the action of wantonly using race issues to demagogues’ delight. To wit, if a bunch of recognized black leaders publicly support Il Trumpo then the content of what they say is irrelevant and they immediate drop through Cynthia’s trap door and fly down the Uncle Tom Chute. The black leaders did not emphasize race in their support, but that’s irrelevant to the sophisticated “professors” among us peons.

        Cynthia, you are an excellent comedian. A perfect model of a modern racist demagogue.



      6. Yes, Cynthia, the whole thing must be investigated because it’s obviously beyond yer powers of regular perception … because you’ve been too long in your ivory tower and the mold is seeping through. Watch it, now. It’s toxic and spreads insidiously. It’s gonna getcha.

        It contradicts your normalcy bias. All those trumpies just gotta be bigots. Jeez, they gotta be!

        Well, my sad example of an American, “there’s something going on here, but you don’t know quite what it is… now do you, Mr. Jones?”


    2. Wow it’s hard to argue with these kind of smarts. A minority woman is absolutely in love with trump and to add to this claim I only have your word to go on. I could tell you several reasons. One you’re just making I t up. Two, you’re mis interpreting something she said as being pro whatever you want. Three, she is undereducated and doesn’t fully understand the implications of what trump is saying. Four, she doesn’t understand that while she isn’t in the cross hairs at the moment, whatever minority she belongs to could easily be Trump’s next outlet to appeal to his supporters fears. Neither do you I would also posit, you think you belong to the in crowd or the good people from when America was great but you could end up on the wrong side of the tracks when all is said and done. A person who gains power based on others’ fears has to keep those people fearful of someone. Who would it be if, Implausibly, we kicked out all Muslims and now we are left with just as many other criminals who commit heinous acts of violence such as James Holmes, who is white. Or Adam Lanza, a white Christian who stormed an elementary school and killed 20 first graders. Do you just conveniently want to think a little more critically because they are white, or Christian, and you only hate Mexicans or Muslims. So we can condemn all Muslims but when a Christian does something you concede that it doesn’t represent mainstream Christianity. Five, she has never really researched what his policies would be and how she would fall in to that policy. I am guessing neither have you. As most people you most likely have picked this one idea that Muslims are somehow going to destroy our way of life and that’s why you support trump never knowing if it would really benefit you (counterintuitively mind you, you suggest our own government take away those rights instead in order to protect us). There are five coherent arguments that answer your question. An incoherent, illogical question that tries to validate a position because someone you know likes a person who has an idea. There are plenty of other reasons I could come up with based on sound logic that is based on well thought out facts and not in response to someone’s base fears.


    3. Here’s a better idea… Stop trying to be “The Loser and Still Champion” shooting down every single unfamiliar idea sent your way by people with more cognitive flexibility. Pardon me for getting straight to the point, but “Life’s Too Short” and I’ve heard seen the game you play before.

      Your supposed associate’s behavior is technically termed the “Stockholm Syndrome.” Your post makes it clear you have either never heard of it or you have and are just playing stupid. As I said, Pete, “Life’s Too Short.” Let’s assume you are simply uninformed. Ignorance is innocent.

      Your choice now is either Google: “Stockholm Syndrome” or descend into WILLFUL ignorance. Either way is fine. We all have the right to our choices… and their results.


    4. Because she is a freaking imbacile, idiot, ignorant woman (any woman that this monster would throw to the wolves (and like garbage) the first time she did not do as he comanded!!


  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to write this article ! I am in shock and awe of what is going on and how many people are actually engaging and giving him more and more air time. I am boycotting SNL due to their choice in having him host their show. I not only believe he’s racist from his statements but also very sexist and I can not imagine having such a hateful, conceited man as the POTUS.

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    1. Ha. The current POTUS is the most hateful conceited person to ever hold the office.

      Trump is a gentleman compared to Obama.


      1. Trump is an ignorant fool compared to Obama. Just goes to show how this birther can get the support of so many clueless people as long as he calls people stupid, fat ,ugly. We should all be ashamed.


      2. It is very simple, and should anyone choose to ignore the reality of this it is up to them, and at their own peril: Our laws are not being enforced by our own government. A country is not a country without border control… the principle of a nation ceases to exist, the moment they decide immigration and border laws will not be enforced. And in fact, our own government fought one of our states, Arizona, solely because Arizona sought to protect itself by enforcing the very laws that are on our books. And some cities call themselves, “Sanctuary Cities”, and also refuse to enforce the very laws on the books. This is, in effect, treasonous. But about Trump:

        In short, it is about illegal immigration. If a democrat, a republican, a bottle cap collector or a rabid beaver sought office on the basis that they were going to enforce immigration laws of the USA… finally… and convince people they would do this, when in office… they would soar in the polls, as Trump has done.

        So you can all rant about what Trump’s motivation is, what his intelligence is, how conservative or liberal he really is, how nice or how bad a person he is… that is ignoring the reality of this: At this point, all those opinions are moot. They do not matter any more. People are sick of our political class, which has abandoned the very laws and principles we… and really any country… should be understanding: A country ceases to be a country if they do not have a border. We are sick of it.

        Again, you can rail against Trump, and maybe I could, too, about some things… but I cheer him on, because finally, finally, someone will enforce our laws, like our officials are supposed to do.

        “We don’t need any new immigration law. We’ve got everything we need already. The law is there. It just isn’t being enforced. And I think that’s something — I don’t care who it is — Trump, Carson, Cruz, whoever it is on the Republican side, because this issue is the issue that’s gonna determine the Republican primary winner.”- Rush Limbaugh


      3. Do you have any actual so called ideas to offer in this discussion? All you’ve written so far is a bunch of erratic and pointless insults as if using ad hominem attacks somehow probe whatever your trying to prove as valid. I don’t actually know what your point is given that you haven’t actually put one forth. Just trolling on about how no one is a great as trump or thinks as critically about problems as you or other trumpies do. Not only do you not have actual evidence to support your assertion there is plenty of evidence to support the view that people who support trump are racist to some degree at least, unable to think for themselves about complex issues, use the argument that if you aren’t for my idea then clearly you are in favor of some extremist groups ideology and hate America, speak at a fourth grade level, and use anecdotal or even just flatly made up “evidence” to support your racist ideology. Gain about 50 IQ points and we can talk as equals. Gain just a few more points and we can at least talk on an adult level that doesn’t resort to name calling and rely on made up assertions. That’s if you are even serious about the stuff your spouting and not just making a pathetic display to elicit a response from others because that is what your life has been reduced to for you to have meaning.


      1. Actually it has been proven scientifically. We are all a little racist.

        What has Trump said that is racist?


      1. Gruberite low information voter is what you are.

        Poorly informed, ignorant of the facts, and bigoted against conservatives.

        Have anything intelligent to add? Your links are bullshit.


  2. You’re the RACIST. More importantly a true idiot. Your mind has slipped into delusional fantasies. We call that insanity. So you’re just freaking a sissy and a nutjob. Does your wife bring home the bacon while you blog and change diapers or take care of your children. Very manly there. Get a real life fool. All lives matter because ALL LIVES DO MATTER DUMB ASS!


    1. I really hope you are not a father. I would feel sorry for your wife and kids. But just to help you be a little be less of a dumb ass today, the point of Black Lives Matter movement is that all lives matter, INCLUDING black lives, who have been devalued by the criminal justice system and folks like you/

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    2. Ken: Your commentary is a sad reflection on you. We now have a Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump, who encourages your brand of hateful name calling and who dismisses the need for facts. It’s ugly. But I’m glad it’s out in the open for all to see and deal with. It’s no coincidence that Trump supporters are not swayed by facts. They have been fed right wing propaganda masquerading as news for so long that they don’t know the difference. Even though the facts can be readily found by anyone who has a basic education and a bit of common sense. Again, your commentary says nothing about Randy Blazak and everything about you.

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      1. Thank you. You make my point for me: ugliness without substance is the hallmark of your comments. I think a lot of politicians are guilty of lying. But Trump’s lies fuel prejudice and even violence. And bring people like you crawling out of the woodwork where we can see you for what you are. (For those of you new to this thread, Mr. Hitler cannot help but reply to my comment by trying to turn my words back on me. His comment will make no sense and have no truth but he will do it anyway. Poor thing.)


      2. As usual, the hypocrisy of the left is fully evident.

        You make my point for me.

        Especially the fact that you win’t answer my question.

        Progressives (actually regressives) are intellectual lightweights and frauds.

        Their existence depends entirely upon false narratives and celebrity whoreship.


      3. As always, your reply simply parroted mine and relied on generalizations without substance. (Feel free to use any of my words in your next comment if you’re too dull witted to think of anything original.) And perhaps my answer to your question was too complex for you to understand so I’ll repeat it: While politicians as a group are prone to lying, Trump tells lies about whole groups of people and incites prejudice and hate. Clearly, he is not only the biggest liar but also the most bigoted.


      4. How does one reslond with substance to a substanceless post?

        f you had integrity, you’d provide some evidence for your hysterical assertions. Like the deranged author, all you have is dogma and deceit. You’ll never actually go to original sources and you trust everything you hear in the left wing media.

        I won’t hold my breath.


      5. I think many people have given good examples of how to respond with substance to your posts which are totally devoid of substance and filled with hate. That said, Trump’s recent lies about Muslims are well documented as such. As were his comments about Mexicans. If you can’t find original sources for this latest controversy, then ask someone to help you to research it. It’s not difficult. If that’s too much trouble for you, then by all means post another inane comment if it makes you feel better about yourself.


      6. No one is more hateful than a self-righteous virtue signaling regressive like yourself. Your utter contempt(hatred) for me is palpable.

        Quote one lie.

        I challenge you.

        I won’t hold my breath.


      7. It might be better if you challenged yourself rather than me. A brain without exercise deteriorates rapidly. But I’ll give you a little help: Trump said Mexicans bring drugs, crime and are rapists. Studies show that his claim is false. He also said that he watched on TV as thousands of Muslims in NJ cheered when the twin towers came down. Another false claim. Note that both these false claims are designed to rile up the fearful amongst us. Apparently, his tactics are working very well on you and others like you who are incapable or unwilling to check the facts. Along with this, he belittles people he doesn’t like such as his mocking of a disabled reporter. Now here’s my challenge for you. Instead of hitting back with verbal missiles, why don’t you tell us why Trump would be a good President? I’m listening.


      8. So no illegal immigrants bring drugs, rape, or murder? Baloney. We KNOW they do. Trump didn’t say they are all like that.

        Muslims did celebrate. The only question is how many and where. Fact.

        Got anything better?

        Anyone, oncluding Trumo would be a better candidate than Sanders or the likely murderer and accessory to her husband’s numerous sexual attacks on women, Hillary.

        The positives of Trump are that he takes illegal immigration and islamic extremism seriously. And he’s not politically correct. Political correctness is literally destroying this nation.


      9. Out of any large group of people, there will be some who are criminals. Statistics show that immigrants are no more likely to commit crimes than native born. And in the case of first generation immigrants, they are less likely to commit crimes. This is not what Trump said. Trump chose his words in a way that would fire up a crowd already ignorant of the facts because of incessant pounding of untruths broadcast daily by Fox News and others. And he highlighted only Mexicans although the undocumented include Chinese, Irish, Australian etc etc Kate Steinle’s murder has been used to slander a whole group of people. On the other hand, when a young white man goes on a shooting rampage, nobody maligns all caucasians. Even though this has become a regular occurrence. Kate Steinle’s murder was tragic. Period. To use it for political gain is shameful. May she rest in peace and her name be spared from being exploited by opportunistic politicians. The truth is an undocumented immigrant is more likely to marry your daughter than to murder her. But the truth is apparently not in fashion at the moment. Donald Trump is neither correct nor politically correct. The latter is meaningless without the former.


      10. Trump isn’t my man. I have many reservations with him, including honesty, childish remarks. But not racism. Not bigotry.

        I’m just sick of hypocrites like you. It’s wrong to exploit Kate, but Obama does that kind of thing literally every chance possible. Obama is to blame for a severe degredation in racial relations. Never let a crisis go to waste. Not enough racism? Create the appearance of it by embracing false narratives, like hands up don’t shoot. Create the crisis.

        I’m talking about illegal immigrants. Not immigrants. Not undocumented immigrants. What’s an undocumented immigrant anyway? Is that like an undocumented burglar? This PC tyranny has to stop, and THAT is why I might support Trump.

        The fact that the regressive left has to LIE with phrases like “undocumented immigrant” is why Trump has support. What, you think we don’t have a right to enforce immigration law?

        I don’t think.you evem know what bigotry means.

        Truth is not in fashion. Indeed. Clinton is the most dishonest, corrupt, evil human ever to run for president.

        Did you see the Washington Post piece that gave some substance to his remark? Also absence.of evidence is not evidence of evidence. Not every video from that day has been archived. And the controlled media hates trump and is invested in establishment candidates so if video evidence existed, why would they show it?

        You malign fox news as if you’ve even watched it. It’s not pro-Trump. Fox news is less biased thsn cbs, nbc, abc, and cnn.

        Any given man is more likely to marry a relative than murder them. Whatva fatuous and disingenuous argument.

        I have empathy too. I’m trying to help save civilization from the regressive left which is rapidly destroying it from within. Save it for me, and for people who disagree with me, like you.

        Isn’t it interesting thst even in your assertion of empathy, your contempt for all who don’t think like you is still apparent?


      11. I have no contempt for you. I live in an area where Fox News is playing in many homes and have seen a lot of their coverage. They are absolutely relentless in their message that Obama is evil and wants nothing more than the destruction of this country. That he is letting in hordes of diseased criminals across our southern border. That Christians are being persecuted by terrorist Muslims. And that Hillary Clinton will be even worse. Fox has been doing this for years now. So when Trump comes along and starts yelling the same messages, there are a lot of people who don’t even question whether his words are true.

        But his words aren’t true. And they fuel racism and hatred. I know your blood boils when the word racism is mentioned. In your world, the politically correct thing to do is to say that there’s no such thing as racism. That Obama is the racist. But Trump is shining a great big spotlight on your world. And it’s very revealing.

        I agree with you that Fox is not pro Trump. They inadvertently created this monster.

        Immigrants, whether legal or illegal, are no more likely to commit murder, rape or drug offenses than the native born. Most are here to make a better life for themselves and their families. That’s a basic human urge. Especially if you live in a poor country and employers from another country are offering you jobs.

        Instead of getting tangled up in the political rhetoric surrounding illegal immigration, I urge you to give this some thought: what would you do if you were in their shoes? If you lived in a poor country and there was a country next door offering you a job and a way to improve your situation? And there was no line for you to get in. No way to get there legally. Would you cross that border illegally to work for a better life? Or would you stay put and live in poverty?

        I’m not sure what I would have done in the same situation. But I think I might have crossed that border illegally. Most immigrants who are here illegally are here for jobs or family ties. We need immigration reform for several reasons: Two of those reasons 1. To create an avenue for immigration where available visas match our country’s employment needs so people don’t have to cross illegally 2. To reduce the huge backlog in our immigration courts. Our current immigration laws are so cumbersome that they cannot be effectively or efficiently enforced. Ask any immigration lawyer.

        And Fox News never mentions the big beneficiary of not reforming the immigration system. It’s not you and me. It’s the private prison industry which makes enormous profits by filling beds and having taxpayers foot the bill. This industry has enormous political power. They buy this power with huge contributions to candidates, mostly Republican but Democrats too. They benefit from incarcerating undocumented immigrants prior to deportation. I’m all for Kate Steinle’s killer being locked up and the key thrown away. But taxpayers like you and me foot the bill to bill beds with people who are just here trying to make a living. People who are not a threat to public safety. Is this really how you want your tax dollars spent? If so, continue to support the sensationalists like Trump, Carson, Cruz and Fiorina. They will be happy to exploit your fear and spend your money.

        Finally, you say that Fox is less biased than ABC, CNN, CBS, NBC. These networks, I take it, are the ones that you call “the liberal left wing media.”

        Fox is more than biased. It’s just one big political campaign to ensure a conservative Republican president in 2016.

        The other networks have embraced Trump wholeheartedly for his entertainment value and his ability to drive ratings. So I don’t see the liberal bias as asserted by right wing commentators. But I do see a lack of journalistic integrity driven by the almighty dollar.


      1. Can you even identify one bigoted statement?

        By the way, if you want to talk fear-mongering, the dems say climate change is a bigger threat thsn islamic extremism.

        Global warming has become a religio for you guys.


  3. So now I’ve addressed the first line of your comment. Let’s move on to the second line where you talk about Muslims and you say “The only question is how many and where.” Your man Trump says he saw thousands celebrating in NJ. Only thing is he can’t provide a shred of evidence. But he’s not backing down. His facts are just plain wrong. Period. But he’s not backing down.

    Hmm. I’m thinking it’s not his “refreshing lack of political correctness” that really appeals to you. It’s that he’s loud mouthed enough and has enough money to say all the bigoted things that you’ve been thinking for a long time.

    So in answer to your question: Yes. I definitely do have something a whole lot better than a mind filled with hate and bigotry. I have empathy for others. Even you.


  4. Thank you, Mr. Blazak. You are a credit to humanity. I wish you the best with raising your daughter. She is so lucky to have you as a buffer from “I’m not racist, but…” There will be others when Trump is long gone, but we’ll still be here, raising our children to know better.


    1. I don’t support D.J. Trump as he’s an arrogant billionaire, but must say that feminists can also be racist against other groups. Individual feminists are NOT always opposed to violence against women Though not all Jewess feminists believe this there are Jewess feminists who have the view that they support = rights for women and they are against violence against women UNLESS the woman or girl is German, Arab or Muslim. These Jewess feminists would hate Germans including German girls because of the Holocaust. If you ask a Chinese feminist what she thinks about Japanese women & girls, don’t be surprised if the Chinese feminist gives you the view that she supports = rights for women & is opposed to violence against women UNLESS the woman or girl is Japanese.


  5. WOW! I’m amazed at some of previous comments. Once upon a time, there was a charismatic leader who forcefully promised to make his country great again. He catered to his peoples fears, targeted their anger and bitterness towards segregating a segment of the population. There were those who tried to expose him as being dangerous but their voices were drowned out by the haters. As, he sent hundreds of thousands away in trains to be later killed, too many approved and too many kept silent out of fear. There are those who say, this could never happen again.

    It breaks my heart to see someone mimicking this former leader’s moves being from this great country with the number of peoples supporting him.This time, the voices trying to drown out those speaking up about the harm Donald Trump is doing will not be drowned out.

    I do not want to believe that DT will be the next republican presidential nominee. In the event that the unthinkable happens, DT and his followers will finally figure out that they are in the minority and NO, most peoples do not agree with them. Hillary Clinton will be granted the largest landslide victory in ages.

    DT will be exposed for the fraud and anti-conservative that he is. The conservative strategy to decrease the number of those crossing our southern borders, would be to mandate the usage of a free program, :”e-verify.” Currently this is a voluntary program for non federal government businesses.(Some state governments require “e-verify” but not all.) Today, only about 50% of businesses use “e-verify” when they contact social security to provide required info on new hires. If these jobs were not available to undocumented workers, then the numbers crossing our borders would become a non issue..

    I will put monies on a calculated guess that NOT all of DT’S companies use “e-verify” and that explains why he never mentions it. The mandate of companies having to use “e-verify” to make sure anyone hired, is in the US legally would be the conservative least costly solution.but then DT wouldn’t be able to cater to peoples’ fears, anxieties, prejudices etc. There is a reason as to why all white supremacist groups are supporting DT. What DT is promising his followers is fool’s gold.


    1. While I’m not a fan of D.J. Trump as he is an arrogant billionaire, I wouldn’t compare him to Nazis. Do have thoughts on Hitler.

      Prof. RJ Evans & Sir Ian Kershaw are excellent historians & I’ve read 3d Reich @ War (Prof. RJ Evans), Hubris (Prof. Kershaw) & Nemesis (Prof. Ian Kershaw). Prof. RJ Evans & Ian Kershaw are both right that Adolf Hitler with Slavs (Poles, Czechs, Russians, etc.) wanted lebensraum such as he took Czechoslovakia by war declaration threat after taking Sudetenland by Munich Agreement which Czechs hated. Hitler wanted Germans to be Europe’s masters with Slavs having limited education and doing things for German’s interests. Nazi invasion of Poland, Yugoslavia, Operation Barbarossa was to do things for German interests. Hitler often treated his generals strategies with contempt & interfered in military decisions while Stalin left military planning to his commanders & generals.

      Professor Ian Kershaw said if Hitler had died in 1938 (before the Holocaust) instead of 1945 (after millions were killed), he would have gone down as a great leader in German history. Germany and later Austria (after 1938) anschluss were advanced in many ways during Hitler’s time be it automotive science (V.W. Beetle came out in 1938), veterinary science and other things. Nazi propaganda would show films of Hitler with children & dogs. Nazis did pass animal welfare laws which were advanced for it’s time such as Hitler signed law to protect the eagle (Eagle on Swastika is Nazi symbol) and Hitler signed laws which created rules on hunting and Hitler signed laws on fastest way to kill crustaceans. In the end Hitler, his mistress Eva Braun and their dog Blondi all committed suicide.

      Adolf Hitler did say that he wanted Endlossung or Final Solution to get rid of Jews. Adolf Hitler didn’t care if Jews died in concentration camps in that he said that there would not be enough food & many would die. It’s possible though that he wanted ethniccleaning when he said Final Solution but not extermination while his henchmen believed Final Solution to mean extermination. Adolf Hitler made no secret about wanting lebensraum & Hitler had authorized T4, Commissar Order, etc., that Himmler, Heydrich, etc. believed there was no need to give extermination order with regard to Jews.

      Only Adolf Hitler knew, but it’s possible with Final Solution, Adolf Hitler wanted ethniccleaning but not extermination. Paul G. Grubach mentioned in 2002 that Hitler sometimes intervened in decisions as it related to Jews such as in 1942 (during extermination program), Hitler signed an order to send 60,000 Jews to Palestine. Yes, Paul G. Grubach is a reviser who doesn’t believe Adolf Hitler knew of extermination program, but I don’t think Paul Grubach is a Nazi as he is mostly Polish (with some German) & Paul G. Grubach’s dad was a WW2 Marine who lost a toe fighting against the Imperial Japanese (Nazi Germany’s ally) during the Battle of Bouganville. More non-Jewish Slavs were killed by Nazis during WW2.

      Professors RJ Evans & Ian Kershaw are right that Adolf Hitler allowed T4 Mercy Killing extermination where people had their handicapped kids (incl. babies) & relatives killed. They have also talked of other execution orders that Adolf Hitler did such as Comissar Order & Hitler’s 1942 order to exterminate males 14 & older in Stalingrad & Leningrad battles. Prof. RJ Evans (3d Reich @ War)& Ian Kershaw (Hubris & Nemesis) believe Hitler knew of extermination with reports given in codes such as evacuation, rather than extermination & that Hitler talked in codes when he knew plans changed to extermination. Is it possible Himmler, Eichmann, Heydrich & others did extermination w/o Hitler’s knowledge? Know people will differ but it’s possible Adolf Hitler wanted to get rid of Jews, his henchmen believed it meant extermination & they did extermination when Hitler wanted ethniccleaning not extermination. Ian Kershaw & Prof. RJ Evans are good historians. Just saying my view is that it’s possible Hitler wanted ethniccleaning only but his henchmen did extermination.


    2. Have other thoughts on Nazis because most people killed by the Nazis were NOT Jewish-they were Slavs such as Russians, Poles, Czechs. Read & heard descendants of Holocaust victims talk of how they lost an aunt, uncle, cousin, etc. during Holocaust or Shoah. Many non-Jewish Slavs also had relatives killed by Nazis during Holocaust in the death camps. These people imply their relatives killed were innocents. Yes, there were kids, school teachers, housewives, etc. killed by Nazis in shootings , gassings, etc. Some of the people who were killed in Nazi deaths camps were Communists & Communism has killed more than Nazism, so you can find cases where a future Stalin, Lenin, Kim Il Sung, Mao or other Commie was killed by Nazis in concentration camps. Not all the millions killed by the Nazis were nice people.


      1. I hope you don’t mind me saying that your logic seems rather on the wild side. You justify the killing in Nazi death camps by saying that it got rid of a couple of Communists in the process. Communists who might have done something bad in the future. By the same logic, if we round up everyone in your neighborhood and put them to death, we’ll no doubt get rid of some bad people. Or did I misunderstand what you said? Scratching my head here.


    3. Thanks for speaking out. I think you’re absolutely correct about Trump. If Trump was serious about ending illegal immigration, then he would make sure that his own companies did not hire workers without documents. Especially after newspaper articles came out interviewing illegal workers who are building his empire. Instead, he riles up the misinformed with threats to round them all up and build a huge wall. Macho posturing without substance. You and I are appalled that there are people who actually believe the lies he tells about illegal immigrants. But they have been fed this same rhetoric for a long time by media conglomerates so they think it’s true. This is why they can blame undocumented workers for taking their jobs while at the same time labeling them as dangerous criminals who are on government benefits. And call themselves Christian while treating other human beings completely without empathy. So thanks again for speaking out. I try to have compassion for them despite the nasty things they say although it’s not always easy! Have a wonderful Christmas!


      1. ScotR. Thomson, point was that Adolf Hitler had SOME good ideas & that in the Nazi concentration camps, not all the people killed by the Nazis were nice people in that in some of the people killed in concentration camps were bad people. No, Nazi Germany did not have a right to take Czechoslovakia, invade Poland & no, the Nazis did not have a right to send millions to their deaths in the concentration camps. No, Nazi Germany did not have a right to do ethnic cleaning of Jews Just saying that Communism has killed more & that the Nazis did kill Communists.

        Again, more non-Jews were killed by Nazis. Atrocities worse than Holocaust. Rwanda, Angola, Liberia & Congo where people were maimed. Nanking, Bataan, etc. Japanese soldiers following Bushido (Samurai way) bayonet POW are scarier than Einsatzgruppen. Japanese soldiers were stronger than German soldiers esp. as following Bushido, they were martial arts experts & Banzai charges. On Allies side, Red Army was the worse than Japanese. With fear, those are scarier than Nazis. When it comes to terror there are incidents worse than Holocaust-Rwanda, Angola, Liberia & Congo atrocities where people are maimed are worse. Yes, Rwanda, Angola, Congo where people were killed with machetes & maimed are worse than Einsatzgruppen shooting & killing because more terror with first.


      2. Again, I think you’re missing the point. Gronda Morin’s commentary, as I read it, was to remind us about the cult of personality and how people can be swayed by someone who is charismatic and powerful. And what a bad outcome that can have for all of us. Today, we have hordes of people cheering for Trump no matter how ridiculous and bigoted his statements are. In fact, the more bigoted the statements, the more they cheer. He has already demonized Mexicans and Muslims as well as various individuals. Genocides have happened throughout history. All are bad. Including the one that Hitler was responsible for.


      3. When are you people going to understand that Trump did not disparage all Mexicans and Muslims. He said that SOME illegal immigrant Mexicans are criminals. The key word is SOME. Quit spreading lies!


      4. Incorrect. He said “some, I assume, are good people.” He did not say that “some are criminals”. He clearly implied that they’re a bad lot, in general. There was absolutely nothing in his tone to suggest that he was talking only about “some” of them. Why round up everyone at enormous expense to the taxpayer when it would make a lot more sense to reform the immigration system, document the law abiding and be better able to identify and punish or deport the dangerous amongst them? He ignored the millions of hardworking immigrants who are here illegally to work and make a better life for their families. And who are shoring up our economy with their spending. I suggest you listen to his words again. They’re readily available. And ask yourself why you want to spin his words a different way. Another question I have asked myself and which you might do well to ask yourself too: “Might I have crossed a border illegally if it meant I could have a job and a better life for my family?”


      5. You wrote: “Equivocate much? Twist words much?” I take it from that weak answer you don’t have any reasonable answer to the points I made. But I may be wrong. I’m happy to debate facts and opinion with you. But I will leave the childish verbal sparring to Trump and his minions.


  6. While, i find those replying having impressive backgrounds while being well read, I tend to be more basic and humble. I do not consider Donald Trump to be at the same level of Hitler, I do see similarities in the dynamics of what is happening now and that time period when the Nazis were rising in power. No matter who was killed in the mass extermination facilities, people were harmed and a nation was scarred with this ugly event in their historical records.

    I will not be responding to any further comments because I am off to celebrate the Christmas holidays with family and friends. Have a great Christmas!!!


  7. I can say w/o doubt that Hitler wanted ethnic cleaning of Jews, while his henchmen Heinrich Lutipold Himmler, Reinhard Tristan Eugen Heydrich, etc. did extermination. But I can’t say w/o doubt what Adolf Hitler’s motive was because only he knew. Possible Adolf Hitler wanted ethnic cleaning not extermination because only he knew his motive. Being humble not haughty.


    1. Nobody knows Donald Trump’s motives either. I suspect he’s inspired by the roar of applause and his name in lights. And power. His words are bigoted, nasty and xenophobic. No matter what his motives are. And whether Trump or Hitler want/wanted ethnic cleansing vs extermination grossly misses the point. Gronda Morin reminded us to be careful of charismatic leaders who demonize entire groups of people based on race, religion or country of origin. Her point is well taken.


      1. Once again, NO, Trump is NOT demonizing entire races of people. Only the illegal and criminal ones. Then again, if the left understood this and was honest, they wouldn’t be demonizing Trump.


      2. I think most people are racist to some extent whether they admit it or not. I have other things to add & it deals with American Indian history. I support democracy and = rights for all ethnic groups.People are the same everywhere-Whites, Blacks, American Indians, etc. What I’ve found with Native Americans or American Indians is that many times when they talk of ‘stolen land’ what they imply is ‘you did what I wanted to do.’

        Yes, this nation’s treatment of American Indians was sometimes bad, but pushing Noble Savage theory is wrong. American Indians did things based on technologies & capabilities known to them & Whites did things based on technologies & capabilities known to them. When people want something, they take it. Whites had better technologies, weapons & strategies. But thinking is the same. If American Indian tribes (esp. tribes like the Sioux, Comanches, Apaches, Aztecs, etc.) had better weapons & capabilities, they would have been conquering other places in the world & imposing their laws on others. I’ve talked with American Indians who admit that the talk of stolen land means ‘you did what I wanted to do.’ Long Knives or White Eyes did what you wanted to do as to say otherwise is talking with forked tongue.

        Anyhow, if it is about seeing American Indians or Native Americans have same rights as all other Americans, then I support that. I believe American Indians or Native Americans must have = rights when it comes to jobs, housing & = punishment for crime based on facts & circumstances of each case. I am against discrimination. But it must not be an us against them thinking & let’s not have the Noble Savage theory because hypothetically, American Indians would have done the same thing if they had the capability or capacity to do it as people are the same everywhere.


      3. I think we may have some agreement here. I don’t believe that racism is exclusively expressed by white people. It’s a demon that all human beings must guard against. But in this country, white people have historically had power and racism in this country is primarily white against black and other minorities. More recently, conservative extremists have stirred up prejudice against Mexicans. Instead of contributing meaningfully to a conversation about how to solve the country’s immigration problem, they have chosen instead to portray undocumented immigrants as criminals, moochers etc. Our country has a history of doing this to various ethnic groups. I admire your knowledge of history. But I would love to hear your analysis of how Trump’s demonization of Mexicans is nothing new. We have seen it before with the Irish, Italians, Japanese etc. I’m sure you know more about it than I do. Why can’t we examine that history and learn from it? Reject Trump now. Because we know the end result of his dangerous form of xenophobia.


  8. Illegal aliens & immigration. Honestly, don’t expect U.S. policy regarding illegal aliens from Mexico (yes, they come from other nations too) to change for this major reason-our help to Mexico which goes back to 1865. It doesn’t matter whether the Republicans or the Democrats dominate the Senate & Congress, nor does it matter who are our Presidents have been so far-Democrat or Republican. fact is that we have been helping Mexico since the end of the Civil War. It began in 1865 (around 2 decades after the end of the Mexican-American War) when France was intervening in Mexico & while the French may have had justification to get debts paid by Mexico, Napoleon 3 had ulterior motives, perhaps to colonize Mexico & France had violated the Monroe Doctrine. We had after the Civil War been giving help to Mexico militarily & in 1866, the U.S. military showed France the might it had in the Rio Grande River-showing France 40,000 American soldiers prepared to fight, the French withdrew from Mexico fearing war with the U.S.

    the history of our help to Mexico since 1865 shows that U.S. policy with Mexico isn’t expected to change anytime soon. We have since then given jobs to Mexico (people talk about outsourcing jobs to India, but we have outsourced jobs to Mexico for years-so many American products are made with Mexican labor). Whether our President has been Obama, Bush Jr., Clinton, etc. they have continued a long standing American policy with Mexico. We have done so much for Mexico, but have not gotten much in return & the help has been a 1 way street. How much help did Mexico give to us militarily during WW1, WW2, the Korean & Vietnam Wars-by just sending us Mexican soldiers willing to fight for the U.S.?


    1. With Mexico, must say that during WW1, Germany was trying to get Mexico to go to war against U.S. (Zimmerman letter) & was among other reasons that in 1917, US went to the First World War. Believe that during WW2, Hitler wanted Mexico to join the Axis after Nazi Germany declared war on us after Pearl Harbor attack on December 7, 1941 by Imperial Japan https://www.quora.com/What-would-have-happened-if-Mexico-had-joined-Germany-in-the-First-or-Second-World-War Mexico declared war on Axis in 1942 and 15,000 Mexican soldiers fought in both fronts during war.


  9. another topic with race deals with slavery. Now slavery was wrong- TransAtlantic Slave Trade, my guess is that you know it was Africans who kidnapped other Africans and sold them to Whites. Slavery was wrong but during that time in the world it was accepted. Whites were able to enslave Blacks because they had capability to do this with better weapons (guns) and ships for transport. Hypothetically, Africans would have done the same thing if they had the capability in that if Africans had better weapons such as guns & ships, instead of Whites enslaving Blacks, Blacks would have enslaved Whites. It’s about the capability of doing things and people are alike everywhere when it comes to what people want.

    Now while it’s wrong for the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade to have happened, what I sometimes have heard implied is the complaint of ‘you did what I wanted to do.’ When people have this view, then they’re the same & no better than what they say they’re against. Again, slavery was wrong but again Whites were able to enslave Blacks because they had capability to do this with better weapons (guns) and ships for transport.


  10. The ‘jew’ owns not just the banks, but the “federal” “reserve” that prints the debt-currency. Together the two use USURY and stock market scams to rob and economically enslave humanity. How demented to state that “Black lives matter” represents all lives, including Blacks, when even a Black who states “all lives matter” is attacked as a race traitor. Trump says some illegals are good people(all are criminals) and the believer in political correctnessism translates this as some slur against Mexicans. The right/left divide and conquer distraction of our parasite has slipped. Those with eyes to see know Donald will do less than fuck all to restore the constitution as some fantasize. This will only be done with arms and Truth. The believer cannot debate and you always see these discussions devolve into holocaustianity for good reason. The invaders are just the mess on the White mans floor, the lying ‘jew’ is the hole in the roof.


  11. The man is an elitist, xenophobic, racist, misogynistic self absorbed, overgrown manchild bully with mommy issues.

    I expect that his temper, his ego and utter lack of empathy, respect for others, and appropriate social skills will mean that we will, at some point, end up in a very uncomfortable if not downright deadly international situation.


  12. Implying that Donald Trump is the new face of white supremacy completely belittles the true nature of white supremacy. And it is even more belittling to hear it from someone who claims to have spent so much time studying racism. I have seen more white supremacy in Portland Oregon in the form of “urban renewal” and “arts redistricting” of the poor minority neighborhoods (aka GENTRIFICATION) than I ever witnessed growing up in Monroe, NC — a pivotal city during the civil rights movement. You feel comfortable saying Donald Trump is a racist… others feel comfortable saying you are retarded.


      1. I wasn’t saying they are mutually exclusive. I was pointing out how easy it is for people to misunderstand racism… such as the people of Portland who participate in gentrification through urban renewal, yet don’t realize that they are supporting racism. Those individuals, and others like them, think that Donald Trump is a racist because they don’t truly understand racism. Many of those people also have a lack of understanding of immigration policy… which is how the ever-so-popular “Denmark is the best country on the planet” meme has propagated social media. It implies that the US would be better if it adopted the same policies that Denmark has adopted… yet they fail to look at Denmark’s racist anti-immigration policy. Who is the real racist here? I personally think it makes sense… the people of Portland often support the anti-immigration stance of “don’t come to Portland we don’t want you here”… that’s real racism. Calling Donald Trump a racist because the liberal media has skewed his immigration comments… I guess it isn’t retarded… its more ignorant. But oh well. We all have a right our opinion, even if its slander and/or libel.


      2. Retards like you and Merkel are accomplices to gang rapes. You are the reason Europe is doomed.

        You refuse to acknowledge reality.

        Political correct tyrannical thug like you gave blood on your hands, as San Bernandino proved.

        There is a rape epidemic and you are at fault.


  13. Big Dred: Donald Trump’s demagoguery appeals to hordes who have long been primed by Fox and right wing talk radio. Trump’s comments about Mexicans and crime are false. But they ring true to an audience which doesn’t think to check the facts. For years, their TV’s and radios have been telling them that Mexicans sneak across the border like animals, the pregnant ones dropping their babies in the desert just north of the border. Then they come here and rape our women while collecting federal benefits. While stealing all our jobs. I’m not sure if the job stealers are the same as the rapists but it doesn’t really matter. As long as you believe they are beneath you, you feel justified in applauding and cheering for a racist bigot and puff up with indignation when someone suggests that racism and/or bigotry are a large part of Trump’s appeal. It’s definitely not PC to call Trump and his supporters racists or bigots. Perhaps that’s why you fight the label and blame the “liberal media” for misinterpreting his immigration comments. What’s to misinterpret? Trump didn’t mince his words. And as for the so called “liberal media”: they are falling all over one another to cover every ridiculous word the man says. Money, not ideology, is driving their coverage. The real story of the Mexican immigrant is a human story. It could have been your story or my story if we had been born in different circumstances. Trump is in Iowa right now trying to appeal to Evangelical Christians by awkwardly quoting from the Bible. But the people who truly believe in Christ follow his example by putting themselves in the shoes of the stranger and extending a welcoming hand and an understanding heart. So I ask you to consider this: If you had been in their situation (no decent jobs in your country but jobs being offered to you right across the border), might you have crossed a border illegally to find work to make a better life for your family? Jeb Bush was right about one thing: it is an act of love. But Fox et al know it’s much easier to gain political power by demonizing and scapegoating. So they don’t tell us about the hard working, decent, devout families who came here illegally because there was no legal avenue to get a visa for all those available jobs Americans won’t or can’t do. I agree that illegal immigration is not desirable. That’s why we need humane immigration reform based on the needs of our country but with a common sense approach to people who have already been making their lives here for many years and contributing to our economy via taxes and spending. Trump and Cruz won’t solve the problem. They gain too much political capital by playing to people’s fears and ignorance. And the other Republicans are too afraid of their crazy base to even tackle it. So Congress does nothing. And the problem continues.


    1. Its interesting you mention Fox demonizing and scapegoating when the Democrats have made it a point to demonize and scapegoat with lines like “all Republicans are bad”. I think you might be out of touch with the polls though because there are many Democrats and moderates that support Trump… its not just supporters of Fox who have been brainwashed by right-wing media. Hillary and the Democrats like to push the dichotomous idea that Democrats are good and Republicans are bad, but the moderates are coming out of the woodwork during this election because they are tired of both Democrats and Republicans. If you watch the Republican debates there is no “Democrats are bad!” and “liberal media is bad!”… there is a discussion of the issues and the widespread support that “Hillary is bad!” – which is true. When you watch the Democratic debates all you hear is “Republicans are evil!” — then you watch a commercial in support of Latinos aimed at Trump that says “It doesn’t matter who you vote for during this election as long as it isn’t a Republican”. Now, that isn’t racist, but it sure as hell shows that the Latino’s opinion is not valued one bit… the Democrats just need their non-Republican vote.

      Spend some time finding the exact quotes that Trump said about illegal immigrants and the crimes that are committed…. when you find them, compare them with what the liberal media has peddled to its brainwashed supporters. You will find that Trump hasn’t said a fraction of what is being implied.

      And just to let you know, I don’t support Trump. That’s probably the dichotomous brainwashing that you have been exposed to….. thinking that just because a person doesn’t support the liberal media that it means he/she must support the right-wing media. Just because a person doesn’t like CNN doesn’t mean that they like Fox. Just because a person calls Hillary a liar doesn’t mean that they call Trump a savior. But the crap that is being said about Trump isn’t even half true…. one statement of “Mexico is sending its illegal immigrants to the USA who then commit crimes” — which is true in many aspects — has been twisted to support the idea that Trump hates immigrants. But, like I said before…. the people who truly hate immigrants are the people that want the country to model itself after a country that has eliminated immigration and turned its population into 98% natural-born single-race citizens.

      Trump and Cruz… they are no different than Clinton and Sanders. They peddle fear to their listeners to gain more support. You can say all you want about Trump and Cruz, but the same can be said about all the candidates. But the reason people like Trump is not because they are racist… it is because they are tired of bias in the media, and Trump constantly calls the media out for their bias. I agree with Trump on that issue, but I don’t agree with everything he says.

      In regards to immigration and racism, I am all too familiar with it. My grandfather was an Irish immigrant during a time that INNA signs were posted everywhere. My grandmother was a polish Jew that immigrated during a time that Jews were hated (which resulted in her brother and sister being murdered in front of her eyes in the US). And I grew up in Monroe, NC – a town in Union County, the #1 broiler meat producer in the US. I watched the town become flooded by illegal Mexican immigrants who were able to obtain jobs at the plants because of the lax background checks that are performed when hiring laborers. These people were influenced by billboards in Mexico that said “Go to Monroe, NC for work”. How ironic is it that at the same time that Mexican workers were immigrating to Monroe that there was an influx of Mexican-made heroin that took over the town in less than 10 years? And this was just one town of thousands in the US.

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      1. As a healthcare practitioner working in the rural South, my patients with chronic diseases are getting younger and opioid addiction is increasing. Many of them are on Social Security disability and Medicare. Most of them are white. That’s anecdotal. My experience. But a recent Princeton study showed that the mortality rate for white Americans age 45-54 with no more than a college education has increased since 1999. All other groups have shown decreased mortality rate because of better medical treatments for heart disease etc. White people of the same age in other countries have not shown the same increased mortality rate. The increased death rate is linked to suicide, cirrhosis, drug addiction. The timing of this increased mortality rate coincides with the increase in the pharmaceutical industry’s “pushing” of narcotic painkillers and the increase in their prescription by doctors. Some people with opioid addiction do turn to heroin. And some of that heroin comes from Mexico. But I’m quite sure that heroin smugglers don’t have to hold down a minimum wage job at a plant in Monroe, NC in order to make ends meet. In my community, there are many Mexican families working hard, learning English, going to church, raising their children. They’re not bringing drugs. They’re not rapists. Their only crime was to cross a border illegally in order to make a better life for their children. I asked if you might not have done the same in their circumstances. But you didn’t answer.

        Instead, you envision them as drug smugglers or junkies. That fits your narrative better than to imagine that some uneducated white people might have played a part in their own downfall. Or that they may have been duped by the pharmaceutical industry. So when Trump stands up and says Mexicans are bringing drugs and are rapists, you applaud and cheer. He’s telling the truth! Except he isn’t. Statistics don’t back him up. Not even close. And undocumented immigrants come from across the globe. The Mexican economy is doing better than it was and illegal immigration from that country is way down. More people are going back than are coming in from Mexico now. Trump is not even addressing the immigration problem at all. Our system needs reform. Ask any immigration lawyer! It’s a mess. It doesn’t match our country’s needs with available visas. The courts are bogged down because of politicians trying to appease their base. Trump’s big wall is not a solution to anything. The cheers are coming from the uninformed and the bigoted. And the louder they cheer, the more outrageous he gets. The media just can’t get enough of him. Money and ratings are the drivers. The truth has nothing to do with it. We must judge people on their character and absolutely reject those who try to divide us by demonizing and scapegoating.

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      2. Why do you call them undocumented? Why not illegal? Have they immigrated legally or not?

        This tyranny of definitions proves regressive leftists are fundamentally dishonest.

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      3. The substance is the question I asked.

        You won’t answer, because you’re a dishonest regressive leftist without a shred of intellectual integrity.


      4. Only in your fantasy land is self deportation equal to rounding up people en masse. And as for your question about mass rape in Germany: surely that was rhetorical? I thought it needed no answer. But apparently, Mr. Hitler does expect an answer to his inane question. Of course, it was abhorrent. Sadly, politicians like Trump and Cruz appeal primarily to the bigoted and fearful. And Mr. Hitler is both bigoted and afraid. So he condemns entire groups of people instead of the rapists themselves. And thanks for proving me right with your usual fare of name calling. For anyone not familiar with Mr. Hitler on this thread, he thinks he’s making a strongly worded argument by calling his opponents names: regressives, progressives, liberals. Watch for his answer to my response. If it doesn’t include those three words, I’m sure he will delight me with some new ones.


      5. Still won’t answer the question, will you?

        Who is in favor of rounding citizens up?

        Why use the word undocumented? Why can’t you say illegal immigrant?

        Why is Sweden the rape capital of Europe?


      6. Donald Trump: “We’re rounding them up in a very humane way.” Google it if you don’t believe me. Your man said it. Was that the question you want me to answer so badly? I thought it was your question on what I thought about the recent rapes in Germany. Your writing is so littered with name calling and insults that it’s often hard to see what your point is.

        Now to the difference between illegal immigrants and undocumented immigrants: it seems very important to you to make the differentiation. As if somehow, the wool is being pulled over your eyes when the term “undocumented” is used. But the word “undocumented” is clear: without papers. So why is it so important to use the word “illegal”? If you take a few minutes to study right wing commentators on the subject of illegal immigration, you will find that they like to use “illegals” as a noun. They also use derogatory words like “crawling” (across the border) or “dropping babies” just north of the border to produce “anchor babies.” Trump’s minions, you amongst them, scream “It’s the truth! It’s the truth!” And you can almost see those veins popping out of their necks, so convinced they are that these evil hordes must be stopped by an enormous wall paid for by the Mexican government. They don’t consider for one minute that this picture has been painted by the power hungry (Trump) and the money hungry. And the word “illegals” is designed to portray something less than human. A wild, rabid, diseased animal. So we don’t feel any sympathy for it. No mention is made of the hardworking, devoutly religious, family oriented Mexican families who are in our communities. Why? Because if people like you thought of them as human, then their fantasies of power and wealth would come crashing down. Your outrage is absolutely essential to the Trump political machine. And your fear is fuel to his demagoguery.

        The undocumented immigrant could have been me. Or even you. Someone enticed by a good job on the other side of a border. A way to make a better life for his family. And no legal way to get there. What man or woman wouldn’t have done the same for his or her family? I have considered that question many times. And I don’t honestly know what I would have done. I’ve never been in their shoes. But I think I might have done what they did.

        And you? Might you have done the same as them if you had been in their position?


      7. Now whose veins are popping out.

        Your feelgood progressivism doesn’t work.

        See Europe.

        Rounding up illegal immigrants is called the “rule of law”.

        But you don’t care about laws. All you care about is your insane liberal dogma which destroys everything it touches, which is proven by Europe.

        Immigration is not a right. If you come in illegally, you have no right to stay.

        A nation without borders isn’t a nation at all.

        I know you’re a liberal, but are you going to actually say you think laws should be ignored?


      8. I truly do not know.

        As an honest person, I believe in the rule of law. I’d like to think I’d make the best ofva situation that I could, legally.

        If I came here illegally and got caught, I’d expect the law to be enforced.

        Just like in Mexico if you come in illegally from the south.

        It’s not our job to fix the world.

        We can’t let everyone in. We make the rules on who gets in. Don’t like it? Too bad. That’s calles civilization, which you are trying to destroy with your feelgood policy of total chaos.

        If you come in illegally, you are an illegal immigrant. Not an undocumented immigrant.

        If you park in a no parking zone, you aren’t an undocumented parker. You’re an illegal one.

        Your dishonest wordplay is disgraceful.


      9. OK. Now we’re getting somewhere. You showed some humanity in at least considering putting yourself in someone else’s shoes. Then it all fell apart because of false assumptions based on the national political narrative. The assumption is that people are on completely opposite ends of the scale. Right or Wrong. No so. I have empathy for people who crossed our border illegally to work. That empathy is based on Christianity or quite simply, on being human and capable of imagining myself in the same situation. Add to that, some of them have been here for years because American employers hired them: they have family and community ties here; they are shoring up our Social Security system via taxes; they are contributing member of society. Our immigration system is so out of date and convoluted that it isn’t working for us. It’s costing taxpayers money with little to show for it.

        But I’m not advocating that we have no laws. I’m advocating sensible immigration reform. Trump’s plan is to build a big wall with a big door, send them back and let the good ones back in. In order for that to happen, there would have to be changes to immigration law to allow “the good ones” back in. And it would be extremely costly to round up and deport all undocumented immigrants to many different countries just to let most of them (because most of them are good) back in again. Even as I write this, I’m dumbfounded at how many people actually think Trump has good ideas. But here’s your opportunity to explain to me why Trump’s immigration plan will work and why you will support the change in immigration law that would be necessary in order to implement his plan.


      10. Your terminology battle is really the crux of the hold the extreme right wing media has on you. Propaganda relies on using words repetitively to uplift your views while belittling the opposition. Debate is discouraged. Intelligence is unnecessary. If the term “illegals” allows you to see a whole group of people as less than human, then the propaganda has been successful. In you, it found an easy target.


      11. You have made it clear that all you have at your disposal is extremist right wing propaganda. Perhaps that’s why your comments are disjointed and make no sense. You puff out your chest like an angry bird and proclaim “Your hypocrisy is appalling”. But you don’t provide any rationale.

        My original comment today invited a discussion of the recent Princeton study showing that white people from age 45-54 without any more than a high school education have shown an increase in their mortality rate since 1999 while all other groups have had a decrease. I noted that this same demographic is part of the same group which supports Trump. Since the increased mortality rate is largely related to opioid and alcohol addiction, I asked whether the blame falls squarely on their own shoulders? the pharmaceutical industry? physicians who overprescribe narcotics? government programs like Social Security Disability and Medicare which allow them to stop working and be cared for by the taxpayer? (and those taxpayers include millions of undocumented immigrants who are working hard to support these programs)

        But you had nothing to say on the subject. Maybe it’s not been addressed yet by the thought control police. All you could come with was moronic rambling about undocumented parking.

        Now go on. Puff out your chest again and spit out some meaningless insult.


      12. ‘But the crap that is being said about Trump isn’t even half true…. one statement of “Mexico is sending its illegal immigrants to the USA who then commit crimes” — which is true in many aspects — has been twisted to support the idea that Trump hates immigrants.’

        Except you are misquoting Trump. He identified he was talking about Mexicans, not illegal aliens. And certainly he doesn’t seem to care about Canadians having over twice as many “overstays” in the United States as Mexicans.

        Where are these billboards you are talking about? Are they in Spanish or English? How are they working when immigration (both legal and illegal) from Mexico has been net zero for a few years now?


  14. Hitler: Rounding people up en masse didn’t work out so well in the end for your namesake. At the moment, the media is too enthralled with Trump to be critical of him. But keep your excitement down a little. If you buy all the lies and promises coming out of politician Trump’s big mouth, then I have a bridge or two I can sell you.


    1. It’s called self-deportation.

      How do you like the mass rapes and sexual assaults afflicting Europe? That’s the fault of Merkel and people like you. History will know she killed Europe. Europe is dying. It will not survive. It’s literally doomed, and regressive leftists like you are durectly to blame, because tou refuse to acknowledge politically incorrect facts. The only way Europe survives is if a hardline right winged person comes to power and gets ethnic europeans to have more babies than the Muslim l, who don’t believe in westtern values. The sooner that happens, the less likely this person will be like Hitler. But if it is a new Hitler, it will be the left’s fault, for lying about the nature of the problem.

      Compassion is easy. Dealing honestly with reality is much harder. Liberals don’t have what it takes.

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      1. You say that Europe is dying. But in reality, as I wrote in my previous comment, the only people with an increased mortality rate right now are white Americans age 45-54 with no more than a high school degree. Who or what is responsible for that? Do they bear the responsibility themselves? Opioid and alcohol addiction play a large part in that mortality increase. Should we treat white Americans with substance abuse problems the same way we treat African Americans? Mass incarceration paid for by taxpayers? Or should we give them Social Security Disability and Medicare benefits and take care of them? Should we get to the root cause of the problem? What is that? Is it the pharmaceutical industry? Is it physicians who overprescribe narcotics? Is it lack of decent schools in poor areas? Or does the blame fall squarely on the shoulders of the abuser himself? I’m pretty sure that Muslims and immigrants didn’t force that Oxycodone down their throats. I would be interested to hear your thoughts on this since it seems that the same demographic which is dying prematurely is also producing Trump supporters.

        Or you could just give us your usual rant about regressive leftists.


      2. You know what I mean. Mass rapes go unreported because it’s politically incorrect to acknowledge that the invading muslims rape women at much higher rates than ethnic europeans.

        You’re willing to increase the rate of rape. Why?

        The welfare states are collapsing.

        Europe can’t handle the influx of Muslims. Both economically and culturally.

        The San Bernadino terrorists weren’t stopped because of political correctness. Your ilk has blood on your hands. A neighbor didn’t report suspicius activity because he didn’t want to be called racist.

        Sweden has covered up rape by migrants for the same reason.

        Why do people like you purposfully conceal sexual crimes?

        Why do you cover up the real rape culture?

        Why do you want cloistered places in europe where Sharia, fgm, and honor killings are practiced?


      3. It gets even more ironic when the same terminology is used for the United States: “European-Americans need to have more babies than these immigrants!”. “Ethnic Europeans”? Fuck dude, get honest with yourself to say “White”. You are trying to say that the world needs more Whites, because you believe that is the only possibility for “values”, a proper “culture” and the basis of our “civilization”.

        Was that so hard to phrase it as the White Nationalist you are? Your hypocrisy is appalling. Use the honest terms of what you believe in, rather than debate whether it is “undocumented” versus “illegals”. There is a reason you selected the name of your hero as an Internet moniker here.


      4. Lightweight moron.

        Go to Europe yourself.

        The problem isn’t skin color you lying retard. It’s values.

        Women are being abused by the invaders. You dishonestly ignore that because you 100% lack integrity.

        Facts don’t matter, only dogma.

        Do you dispute that Europe is in a dire situation due to the migrant invasion?

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      1. “The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S.
        manufacturing non-competitive.” may not be as much of a lie as it is an ignorant comment, but at this point does it really matter?


      2. Just one? OK. I don’t have all day anyway. He says he watched thousands of people cheering when the World Trade Center came down on 9/11. No such video exists. He hasn’t been able to produce a shred of evidence. But he will tell you himself that part of his sales strategy is to use hyperbole. It’s much more than hyperbole. But as long as it gets the fools cheering for him because his lies fit their fantasy narrative, he’s laughing all the way to the polls. The only reason he gets away with it is because his supporters are like you: dull witted and delusional. And the media is afraid to challenge him in case they lose their current cash cow. Now I have to go to work. But maybe you could spend your copious free time sending us the evidence for Trump’s foolish claim. And while you’re at it, how about a detailed cost analysis of his immigration policy: Build a beautiful big wall with a big beautiful door. Send all undocumented immigrants through the door (all of them? Or just the ones from Mexico?) and let the good ones back in. Since the majority are good, would that cost our country a lot of money just for a political show? Is he planning to change the law so that they can apply legally? Right now, there is no legal path for them. I’m looking forward to your answers so we can have a discussion of the real issues.


      3. Now who is name-calling? There is no better hypocrite tjan a regressive leftist totalitarian.There were people cheering. That’s enough for me. Muslims do in significant numbers hold views incompatible with western values. Suck on that fact. Read the Pew polls.

        You candidate says she was under sniper fire in Bosnia and never sent classified info on her totally unsecure server.

        I’ve actually become more suspicious that Trump is playing a game. His recent views are very different from ones he expressed only years ago. Even on immigration.

        But the point is, we should enforce our laws. You advocate lawlessness. Not surprising given your party’s candidate is the most corrupt politican in US history, and likely guilty of murder. You don’t care about laws, because your side is capriciously tyrannical. Law is irrelevant. The Constitution is irrelevant.

        They are illegal immigrants. Not “undocumented.” Undocumented suggests they have a right to be here, but just lost the paperwork or something. That’s a fundamentally dishonest word and you know it, but lack integrity so won’t acknowledge it.

        Nice newspeak. Libtards always changing the meaning of words.

        No integrity to use words according to their actual meaning.

        Yes, we deport people who come here illegally. Like every other nation does.

        If you think open borders are so great send your girlfriend or wife to Europe, and after she is sexually assaulted or raped by a migrant on welfare, tell me how great open borders and a welfare state are.

        You are a destroyer of civilization, like all progressive anti-intellectuals.

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      4. It’s time for all good people to speak out against bigotry. That’s why I reply to your absurd comments. Not in the hope of changing your mind; it has clearly been closed for a very long time. Every time you open your mouth, you reveal an ugliness that must be brought out into the light and vigorously opposed.

        You assume that everyone who doesn’t share your views must be a Democrat and a supporter of Hillary Clinton. Not so. Any decent person opposes racism, xenophobia and bigotry. And they come from all walks of life and all political persuasions. It was bigotry like this which drew good people together to fight against it in World War II.

        Bullying in our schools has been a subject of much debate in recent years. The general consensus is that bullying stops when good people speak up. Trump is a bully. So are you. Just not as rich or famous. Pretending that your lack of tolerance is for the good of the country instead of an expression of your narrow mindedness and ignorance is delusional at best, evil at worst. Sorry if that’s harsh. But I do speak my mind. And it has never wavered on this subject unlike your man, Trump.

        All your comments make the assumption that anyone opposed to your right wing extremism is a left wing extremist. Another of your absurd assumptions. There are many of us who are moderates. We have enough regard for others and enough intellectual capacity to weigh arguments from different perspectives and are capable of working together to get things done fairly. We don’t declare that our way is the only way and that everyone must look or think or worship like us.

        Now let’s tackle your assumption that anyone who doesn’t agree with you on immigration must be someone with reckless disregard for the law. Another absurdity. The right wing mantra is “Enforce existing law.” But when Kim Davis broke the law and refused to issue marriage licenses to gay couples, all of a sudden the same right wingers suddenly decided it was their Christian duty not to uphold the law. (Now there’s an example of some real hypocrisy. You seem a little confused about the definition of the word.) But Donald Trump’s immigration plan proposes a change in the law since there’s no law in place right now which would “allow the good ones to come back” through his big beautiful border wall door.

        And again, you consistently make the assumption that anyone opposed to your immigration views must be advocating open borders and the overthrow of America. Your flair for drama is quite impressive. And the private prison industry thanks you for paying them to hold people whose only crime was to cross the border without documents. Because taxpayers are footing the bill and it’s not making our country any safer.

        Here’s the moderate view: Our immigration system is unwieldy and needs reform. It has been mired in politics for a long time. It costs our country a lot of money but doesn’t work in our best interest. Moderates know that most immigrants are just like the rest of us: working hard to make a better life for our families. They were lured here by American employers offering them jobs. They broke the law but it’s not up there with rape and murder. So let’s deal with them fairly. They’re already paying taxes and shoring up our Social Security funds since America’s getting old and immigrants are generally young. And by all means, let’s reform the immigration system so that visas better match our country’s needs. (Which will take a change in the law.)

        Your comments contain no original ideas and no attempt to debate the immigration issue with honesty and respect for others with different views. The buzzwords of the right wingers are littered throughout your commentary. In fact, without them, you have little to say. Your ideology is backwards and has more in common with Islamic radicals in your desire to pick and choose people based on religious persuasion. Religion can be a beautiful thing but not in the hands of fanatics. Every religion must guard against fanatics. I don’t know your religion. But you are clearly an extremist with an ideology every bit as dangerous as those terrorists who have successfully terrorized you.

        And much as I hate to call you and other Trump supporters dull witted, I stand by that charge. How can they put so much faith in a man whose immigration plan is, as I stated in my last commentary, to build a big beautiful wall with a big beautiful door, send them all out and let the good ones back in?

        First of all, it’s highly unlikely to happen (that’s where the delusional charge comes in) and it will cost this country a whole lot of money. (And it won’t be Trump’s money. It will be yours and mine.) Second of all, it will require a change in the law. So that will disappoint all of you who think that the problem can be solved simply by enforcing existing law.

        But one of your comments was very revealing. You said you didn’t really care whether Trump was lying about watching thousands of Muslims cheering the twin towers coming down.

        That’s it in a nutshell. Trump’s supporters don’t care if he’s telling the truth or not. As long as he’s giving his people permission to hate and divide, they’re happy. I pity them as much as I despise their views. To live with all that hate, blame and anger must be a living hell.


      5. You clearly are a left wing extremist. Literally every fault of which you have accused me you are also guilty of. But naturally that’s lost on you.


      6. You are so elitist, dishonest, lacking in intellectual honesty such that you are not worth debating. Like a loyal leftist, you demonize me without taking the slightest interest in understanding my point if view.

        You can’t address anything I say, so you attack what I haven’t said.

        Trump isn’t my man. Cruz might be.


      7. Go to Europe and get raped by the Muslim invaders. Then get back to me on the virtue of your OBJECTIVELY DELUSIONAL worldview.

        Grow up.


      8. I find the phrase “objectively delusional” a little beyond my comprehension. Neil deGrasse Tyson said: “If your Personal Beliefs deny what is objectively true about the world, then they’re more accurately called Personal Delusions.” Now that makes sense to me. Perhaps you would be kind enough to explain what you mean by “objectively delusional.” (Or OBJECTIVELY DELUSIONAL if I am to quote you accurately.)


      9. I will close our discussion now and let you have the last word. But before we part ways, may I say you have done a fine job of bringing to life the reality of white supremacy which Randy Blazak talked about in his excellent article. And despite the negative view that you and Donald Trump have of our country, I would suggest that education is the key to an open mind and to a life filled with hope instead of consumed by fear.


  15. I left the ball gag on hitler after he got his golden shower. HIs hands may be sticky from fapping as well. We will give him another golden shower every hour.


  16. Hitler is right.
    I am responsible for the gang rape, we spiked half the water supply with rophenol, Then went and spiked the other half with a horse viagra drug. We call it mega gang bang, Hitler was our butt boy test subject, we used up his orifices like the tired old fapp pig he is.
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    1. Wow. When you have nothing intelligent To say, do what Stalin did.

      You are intellectually dishonest. A total intellectual lightweight and dishonest thug.


      1. There’s your answer right there, Ralph. I have tried to debate issues with him in the past but he is not capable of it. The kind of person that Trump relies on: full of hate and short on intelligence. Hitler is an internet troll. Nothing more. I have fun imagining his real identity. A confederate flag waving Southern redneck? A bored suburban housewife? A 13 year old bully? No matter his identity, he is consumed with hate which will eventually swallow him up and spit him out. That’s just the way hate works.


      2. What is wrong with hate?

        Am I hateful?

        Why do you hate southern confederate flag waving rednecks?

        By the way, I live in upstate New York and I’ve never owned or even held a confederate flag. You are so bigoted, and your stereotyping proves it.

        Someone is consumed with hate. Look in the mirror.


      3. More hate filled stereotyping. Why can’t you debate substance?

        You are not getting nor have you ever been close to reality,

        I know you are blinded by rage, but try to stay on topic.


      4. Good. I got you hooked. Now let’s debate substance. 1. Trump will deport everyone who is here illegally and bring back the good ones. Since most are good, how much will that cost us? 2. Trump’s plan will require a change to existing immigration law in order for the good ones to come back legally. Are you willing to support a change to existing immigration law? 3. Since millions of illegal workers pay taxes to the U.S. government, are you concerned about how their departure will impact the solvency of our Social Security system? Looking forward to our debate.


      5. The debate ends with apply the law. If you are an illegal immigrant, you leave or are deported. End.

        I know you want democratic votes, but too bad.

        The “good” ones? You mean the ones who broke the law? They don’t get to come back. Immigration is a privilege, not a right. If Trump supports bringing back people who cheated the system, he’s wrong.

        It’s called self-deportation.

        Illegal immigration isn’t a net gain for the government tax income.

        Do you have any idea what you are talking about?


      6. Let’s start with a clarification. The law classifies illegal entry as a misdemeanor. Unlawful presence, which may or may not have been preceded by illegal entry, is subject to civil, not criminal penalties. Trump’s false characterization of all illegal immigrants as dangerous criminals has ignited fear and hate in the uninformed. It seems you don’t approve of Trump’s immigration plan but you do feed into the hatred and fear which are hallmarks of his supporters. So my question for you now is this: Given our criminal justice system’s classification of illegal immigrants, why do you have so much hatred and fear of people who are only doing what you or I might have done in the same circumstances: crossed the border illegally to make a living in jobs offered to them by American employers. Do you feel the same way about all people who commit misdemeanors or civil infractions? Or just Mexicans?

        A second clarification: Illegal workers are subject to U.S. taxes. The IRS issues them an ITIN number with which to do so. Since the undocumented are mostly younger than the American population as a whole, they make a significant contribution to our tax coffers.

        Now some questions: Are you a white supremacist? If so, what is your rationale and do Donald Trump’s views reflect those of white supremacists?


      7. If you don’t feel hatred for illegal Mexican immigrants, then how would you describe your feelings towards them? I have given you an opportunity to debate me on immigration. I am truly willing to listen to your ideas on how to legally meet our country’s employment needs for unskilled labor but you have offered none. Even Trump admitted that he hired foreign workers because he couldn’t find Americans to do the job. (During the last Republican debate.) I have also asked you why you feel such passion. Would you treat all illegal immigrants the same? Should Mexicans receive different treatment and, if so, why? I ask this because immigration from Mexico has been down for a while now while illegal immigration from Asia is rising rapidly. And there are undocumented workers from all parts of the globe. John Boehner recently addressed the subject of the Irish undocumented with compassion and it was barely noticed. But when Jeb Bush, who has a Mexican wife, called illegal immigration an act of love, he was trounced by the right wingers. I am trying to understand your positions but it’s not easy when you won’t debate the issues. Popular media outlets, both right wing and mainstream, have dumbed down the immigration debate by reporting on Trump’s personality and insults rather than an examination of the issues. We can have different opinions on how to solve the immigration problem but I prefer that it be based on facts and what is best for our country rather than demagoguery. How about you?


      8. Bullshit. You try to sound all nice now, you immediately accused me of racism, without basis. That’s dishonest. Don’t kid me and say you care about policy when you reflexively label anyone who disagrees with your utopianism as a racist or white supremacist.


      9. Despite countless posts on this thread, you have yet to logically debate issues. You can’t say I haven’t been willing to engage in debate with you despite your lack of respect for the reasons that people may come here illegally to work. Is it that you won’t debate the issues or you can’t? Don’t we owe it to our country to examine immigration a little more closely than Donald Trump does? And with facts rather than assumptions? I don’t see any passion behind Trump’s immigration rhetoric. I see a narcissistic man hungry for power and attention. What is behind your immigration rhetoric? Is Hitler your real name or is it a nod to white supremacy? I did not call you a white supremacist but I did ask you if you are one. You didn’t give me an answer. And I brought up the issue of Irish and Asian illegal immigration because you can’t solve any problem if you don’t acknowledge all the facts. But you accused me of calling you racist although I did no such thing. It’s not the first time I’ve heard a Trump supporter get all bent out of shape at the very thought of being called racist. They love that Trump is not PC. But they don’t define what they mean by that. I guess it’s not PC to call a Trump supporter racist. Ironic, isn’t it?


      10. My name serves to highlight how ridiculous people on your side are. The validity of what I say is independent of my name. The fact you can’t see past my name makes you bigoted.

        That’s WHY I used that name, and you guys still can’t help yourself from getting distracted by irrelevancy.

        Liked by 1 person

      11. Nonsense. Your stated views match the name you chose. And it is a reflection only on you. Just as Trump’s fake insults are a reflection only on him. And those who cheer for him.

        Go ahead and have the last word as that is the only thing that cheers you. Just recycle one of your previous insults and proudly post it as a testament to “winning” a la Trump.

        You clearly have no readiness or capacity for intelligent debate. And oh how I’ve tried!

        Your turn. Go on now. Don’t disappoint me.


  17. Pathetic accusation of racism. That’s an dishonest tactic. Typical regressive corruptocrat.

    Have any actual logic?


    Or shoud we let in EVERYONE?

    If you come in or stay illegally, yoy forfeit your right to stay. Agree or disagree? Why?

    What is your brilliant utopian immigration policy?


  18. @Sylvia… Narcissism: egoism; love of or sexual desire for one’s own body. That appears to be the outmoded stupid definition, just the popular notion of it. The Natl Inst. of Mental Health, NIMH, has just withdrawn its funding of research based on Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition (DSM-5), including the “narcissism” diagnosis. Why? The DSM5 validity. Not to say that the symptoms of “narcissism” exist, as we all know. The most telling, according to sources, is lack of empathy and inability to bond. I don’t see these in the Trumpster.

    Any candidate for any office can be labeled narcissistic. Why? Well, they want power and recognition. And they’ll declare in speeches all about extreme situations needing extreme solutions, or urgent ones. So what? Perhaps, when millions agree then you must examine whether you’re living in an alternate universe, surrounded by your cozy belly button lint. Nurtured and propelled by some strange ghost of the 60s and its spawn of lib institution no-think.

    It’s not political. Rather, psychological.

    1. The liberal apparently wants more of the same, though the same has failed and continues to do so. a la Krugman: we just didn’t do enough! We need more, more, more! The whole country is simply not being correct! Something must be done to force each individual!

    2. The liberal has succumbed to the normalcy bias, the homogenization bias, the need to be “correct”, to be protected by the govt which, after all has tried to protect us all these years from those evil capitalists. Yet the physical fact is that they haven’t, but protects all those to which it panders and they respond more and more like sheep, just like the captured fox becomes dog-like after just a couple generations. Yet, the Liberal most often appears to not have the vaguest notion of real capitalism or economics, and how those have been subverted to deliver what we have now: federal central planning, which even a fool can see has failed.

    3. The liberal seems driven by the need to make everybody “equal”, similar to #2, by force if necessary (economically first), and cannot conceive of the terrible fact that equality doesn’t exist and never will. The liberal cannot conceive of the reality that optimal outcomes occur by freeing people from central authority. Lack of empathy, when you come down to it, which is a hallmark of narcissism. They ally themselves with the most central authority more and more, that which protects them. An inability to bond with the existing diversity by freeing people from force.

    4. The liberal racists would rather continue the migration & illegal immigration status quo, creating more poverty and repressing chances for citizens. Rather, impose externally more unwelcome diversity to force “sameness” – but isn’t that a contradiction in terms? Uh, no. It’s how a blender works. The liberal elite is protected from the life of the downtrodden but requires that the status quo perpetuating those conditions continue. Look and see the parallels in the DSM5 diagnosis of narcissism. The liberal non-elite merely aspire to eliteness, and if those work for little or among the poor then perhaps they cannot, or refuse, to aspire to their own betterment productively, for they have then achieved their own pyrrhic victory. That’s not empathy, but stupidity. Why? The liberal would never understand in a million years. It’s like asking a pig to fly.

    Overarching is the narcissist’s inability to recognize the true nature of his/her own symptoms, to see the larger picture. They, and the liberal, prescribe a universal correctness, what is good and bad, where the boundaries are, down to the individual level, Sudden, strident voices of opposition to the status quo appear. The stridency only is heard, not the substance. The lib response is predictable, for their belly button lint fondling has been disrupted. Why, these must be fascists and racists! That is also the typical narcissistic tendency of overreaction. The last thing the narcissist is capable of is examining underneath the criticism (ie: by the trumpies); that is from psychiatry sources.


  19. “Trump has said on his first day of his presidency he would immediately “get rid of all these people” (I assume my wife and child are included in that group). Besides the fact it’s not possible (Trump’s “looking into” changing the 14th Amendment of the Constitution), it would devastate the American economy. Who does he thinks picks the strawberries that go into his daiquiris?”

    Wrong. If we enforced the existing law, then no illegal could get a job or benefits and would self-deport, at negligible cost. Inconvenient truth, eh? This proves you have ignorance and/or disdain for the rule of law. This makes you contemptible. The law is inconvenient when it disturbs your narcissistic notions of how the world should work. The rule of law was partly evolved out of many centuries of dealing with this type of human condition.

    The true unemployment rate today is north of 20%, not the bogus BS fed to sheep like you.
    See http://www.shadowstats.com/alternate_data/unemployment-charts
    and ….

    This is partly what the Trumpster Army is protesting.

    YOU ARE THE RACIST because you’re in favor of keeping the migrant slaves in the status quo and too busy fondling yer belly button lint to figure out (if you had the mental capacity) that the middle class protest is not about race. The true racist resorts to race-baiting in order to deny the truth, like you and the Libtard Army. The protest is about policy and economic extraction. It involves other races in this case, but yer too damn ignorant to parse it all out. The reason for the “libtard” moniker.

    If immigration, labor, trade, banking and other frameworks were reformed we’d have organic growth, instead of the extraction occurring now. For lower end labor, Americans already have many of those jobs, so it’s contemptible crap to say otherwise. If all illegals self-deported (along with other reform) then wages for YOUR FELLOW CITIZENS would shoot up; many would take the jobs; the wages would then normalize. But all that fact is way above your pay grade. Why? Cuz yer a libtard. Yes, it would be temporarily inflationary … there is a price to stupidity. But we americans always believe in a free lunch. We are stupid, but the libtards most of all. Sounds like a good policy to aid the Fed in their quest for inflation. I’m sure you support the Fed, like a good libtard. What, no inflation yet? We need more, more, more debt!!

    It’s your badge of honor that you care not a wit about your fellow citizen and sovereignty. You only tell yourself you do. But you, sheep like, side with the policies that extract from America. This is pure narcissism; check out DSM5 and commentary on psychiatry sites.

    The 14th amendment applies to those who are legally here. The “illegal alien” is such precisely because they are subject to our statutes. They are subject to our laws by their presence within our borders, but they are not subject to the more complete jurisdiction envisioned by the 14th Amendment as a precondition for automatic citizenship.

    Read more at: http://www.nationalreview.com/article/422960/birthright-citizenship-reform-it-without-repealing-14th-amendment

    Simple proof of your racism and narcissism, in your own words: “(ending illegal immigration & anchor babies)… would devastate the American economy. Who does he thinks picks the strawberries that go into his daiquiris?” ……………………… ahhh, the economy card, from someone who knows jack-squat about economics.

    Well, thanks. There you have it. It would certainly devastate YOUR economy & marriage. Your baby would, I hope, lose its citizenship and your wife would have to leave. There is a price to stupidity and law breaking. You should have considered that; your love of central authority, when it benefits you, is double-edged.

    Some citizen would then gain a job and wages would increase. Imagine that. But, instead, your position is that there is no rule of law where you’re concerned or convenient. And, who should have the temerity to disturb the slavery of these Mexicans and their masters’ profits? Hey, bud, when your bankrupt libtard world ends I hope you end up picking strawberries. Your whole view would magically change in an instant, you racist. No sir. It’s clear to any fool 14th amendment reform would devastate _your_ world, resume the rule of law, give many deserving citizens jobs and so reduce the fodder for your libtard crocodile-tear machine.


  20. Blazak is so tied up in his belly button lint that it’s just stunning. There’s no place to begin. He ascribes to Trumpista statements a spun & twisted version and applies his certainties and accusations, all of which constitute exclusively what they mean to his emotional self. Pure, unadulterated narcissism.

    No exploration motivated by empathy toward what underlies Trumpster Army members. No need. He knows all. Instant call of “racist!” to any who try to explain his sophistry to him. Another narcissism tell-tale. Those trying, like me, are pretty stupid. The narcissist has no concept of what he is. No way to even begin to puzzle it out.

    His conclusions are so vacuous, empty, sleazy, easy – too simple. Too surface. A dead giveaway tell-tale of his simple mind. All he’s got is a hammer and the world is one big nail.

    Bang away, Blazak. Bang. Bang. Go get an education. Start with picking strawberries, proceed to the psychiatric definition of narcissism. Go now. Off with you.


  21. “… small subsection of white people who fear the reality that America is getting less white (and more brown). They see the privilege of their white authority undermined every time they walk into a Home Depot and see signs in English and (gasp!) in Spanish. …. The United States is a nation of immigrants, coming from all directions.”

    No. That’s not our fears (most of us). Sorry to break it to you, but yer not a mind reader. Those were proven fakes years ago. Our fear is more that incompetent blatherers like you will continue to brainwash young minds, who will then ascribe extreme labels to those who appreciate stability and their own kind, without being paranoid or bigoted about other races. Separateness (self-segregation) is well known amongst blacks. It’s a natural thing. It’s also natural to mix; viva la difference.

    What we fear is pure idiots such as yourself brainwashing some kind of guilt or shame trip into young people because they’re white, the trip under which you are destined to labor your entire life. We fear being twisted into a racism where we see only paranoid bigotry and our own “white authority” in the imaginary world of your shame trip.

    Spanish signs are there because companies know there are millions of new Hispanic residents who don’t know, and won’t learn, English. You seem to think the signs are because they’re enlightened. If so, more proof you’re a first class simpleton. The signs are for the co’s bottom line and to prevent the otherwise need to hire interpreters. The signs are a “sign” that immigration is in excess, but you are way to simple to figure that out. It’s about numbers, not bigotry.

    A nation of immigrants. More racism. Those immigrants were worse off than black slaves, through even the 20th century. Much worse. It’s an exercise for the reader as to why. But, that history you use as some kind of justification to continue enslaving migrants, even though our needs now are specifically NOT for slave labor. Your main concern is economic devastation because the slaves would no longer be in the fields.

    Yet, the entire citizenry is entering a modern serfdom trend and has been subject to it and debt slavery for decades. You are so beyond oblivious, there is no way to communicate it.

    From your stated background, I glean that likely you haven’t had a productive day in your entire work life, producing things people need. Protected in the echo chamber guilt museum of academia, impervious to the big bad world and what it’s really like – just researching and interviewing those who possess the worst of it, as if you know the entirety. What would you do without all this fodder? Not much at all.

    Sir, you are a first rate imbecile. A first rate useless product of our bloated college system.


  22. cuchulaine

    Was your conception and subsequent “harvesting” the product of rape?

    fuck man, you know that it is possible you have a tumor in your brain?

    The “revolution of [white power] was” not 2016…is what the historians will say.

    see you in hell you wretched American Conservative


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