“Speaking for all feminists…”

July 28, 2017

I’ve never pretended to speak for all male feminists, let alone all feminists on earth. I don’t even speak for my own feminism from a year ago. Life, its lessons (and a few good articles in Gender & Society) have their impact. Just like a person can’t step in the same river twice, one’s understanding of the world is constantly evolving. Take a look at Donald Trump. A year ago he pledged to be the advocate of transexual Americans and now he’s throwing them under the bus to divert attention from his multiple dumpster fires. He’s (de) evolving!


When I taught feminist theory at Portland State University, I would warn students about people who painted feminism with broad brushstrokes and feminists as simplistic caricatures. People like woman-hating personality Rush Limbaugh, who is fond of using the therm, “femi-nazi.” People who think being pro-woman means being anti-man. People who can’t even define feminism but spend their free time making the feminist-bashing memes that litter the internet.


The reality is that feminism is a many splendored thing. It’s a huge umbrella under which there are multiple ideas about gender relations. I’ve spent some time on this blog discussing liberal feminism, Marxist feminism, radical feminism, and Riot Grrrl feminism. There’s first, second, and post-modern third-wave feminism. Eco-feminism has a voice but so does free-market feminism. There are Muslim feminists, Catholic feminists, and conservative feminists. Even Sarah Palin calls herself a feminist. There’s also a growing phalanx of male feminists who I hope will become the fourth wave, smashing male domination from inside the old boys club.


There’s plenty of disagreement within these camps. Just read bell hook’s first book, Ain’t I a Woman: Black Women and Feminism (1981). In it she writes, “It is obvious that many women have appropriated feminism to serve their own ends, especially those white women who have been at the forefront of the movement.” There are plenty of people who call themselves feminists in the pop world and have no idea what intersectionality is (and I’m guessing that includes Ms. Palin).

So to say, “feminists think…” is hugely problematic. What is the feminist position on the Wonder Woman movie? I’ve read dozens of different positions, all rightfully feminist. The people that paint feminism with a broad strokes don’t truly understand what feminism is and is not. I got some chuckles when I presented a paper at a conference in the late 1990s making the case that the Spice Girls were an effective vehicle for teaching tweens about feminist principles. Nearly 20 years later there are a lot of millennial feminists making that exact same case.


What feminists of every stripe have in common is a belief in patriarchy, a power dynamic that advantages men. Some see that as a individual level thing, like men’s use of violence against women, some see it as a macro-level systemic thing, including any religion that defines God as “He.” Even more see it as both. But after that, all bets are off. I often argue that all women understand the presence of patriarchy, whether it’s the glass ceiling at their job, or their rapey uncle, or the constant pressure to “look good” in the face of the tick tock of age. They might not have the intellectual vocabulary to “frame the present discourse,” but all women are feminists IMHO. Even anti-feminist women have a feminist brain.


There are plenty of aggro feminists who don’t think men can be a part of the dialogue, just as there are black activists that don’t think there is room at the table for white allies. I get it. As a white person, I can dip into the struggle for black liberation when I have time and pat myself on the back for being “woke.” My male privilege is the same thing. I can work to smash patriarchy, but I’m still benefitting from that patriarchy even when I’m in the middle of a woman’s march. “Look, it’s a man here to save us!” I’ve been tackling both the issue of male privilege and white privilege in my Recovering Asshole podcast and some of the conversations have been challenging for this “woke” white boy.

There is this emerging concept of “solidarity work” – showing up to the liberation work of groups you don’t belong to.  It’s all about being ready to take a backseat and asking how to help. That means men can be feminists but they have to know when to shut up and listen to their female compatriots. Since men have traditionally been the “voice of authority,” it can be a new experience for guys to STFU, especially when males have been taught to disregard female voices. Remember when Trump said he didn’t think Hillary Clinton had the stamina to be president? I guess by “president” he meant “playing golf every weekend.”

Without a doubt there are people who have hijacked feminism for their own purposes. This includes the “victim feminists” who see all women as inherent victims of men. This is not feminism. These fake feminists erase women’s agency, including to be sexual beings who want what they want and have every right to go after the shama-lama-ding-dong. Consenting adults, even the female ones, can get up to some freaky hanky skanky. (This is a theme in my recent book, The Dream Police.) No leading feminist, not Andrea Dworkin, not Catherine MacKinnon, has ever said “All sex is rape.” But the enemies of feminists repeat this fake feminist mantra, and it’s not just Rush Limbaugh doing it.


There’s a whole world of feminism to explore, something for everyone, and none of it is set in stone. People’s perspectives evolve. Just ask a roomful of feminists whether or not transwomen are part of their struggle. You’ll get lots of answers. Then ask that same room six-months later. My own feminist path as been a jagged path with plenty of missteps. Becoming a father of daughter certainly has played a role in that. So beware of anyone who claims to speak for all feminists. You just can’t have that many brains in one head.


2 thoughts on ““Speaking for all feminists…”

  1. The Biggest Supporter of Inequality for Women is Hillary Clinton.

    A recent report by Oxfam Canada, a global movement for change made up of 19 Oxfam affiliates working in more than 90 countries to mobilize the power of people against poverty, has released a report ‘An economy for the 99 percent’, that says,”Just 8 men own same wealth as half the world. Oxfam is quoted as saying,” Women’s rights and overcoming inequality are at the heart of everything we do. ”

    The Oxfam’s report shows how our broken economies are funneling wealth to rich elites at the expense of the poorest in society – the majority of whom are women. The richest are accumulating wealth at such an astonishing rate that the world could see its first trillionaire in just 25 years. To put this figure in perspective – you would need to spend $1 million every day for 2738 years to spend $1 trillion. Around the world, women are over represented in low wage sectors, face high levels of discrimination in the work place, and take on a disproportionate amount of unpaid care work – they therefore find themselves at the bottom of the economic pile. At current trends it will take 170 years for women globally to be paid the same as men. In Canada, women are paid less than men in over 90% of jobs tracked by Statistics Canada. There is clear evidence that a new economic model is needed if women are to attain equality.

    In “An Economy for the 99 percent,” the 8 men that own the same amount of wealth as half the world are listed:

    In order of net worth:
    Bill Gates: America founder of Microsoft (net worth $75 billion)
    Amancio Ortega: Spanish founder of Inditex which owns the Zara fashion chain (net worth $67 billion)
    Warren Buffett: American CEO and largest shareholder in Berkshire Hathaway (net worth $60.8 billion)
    Carlos Slim Helu: Mexican owner of Grupo Carso (net worth: $50 billion)
    Jeff Bezos: American founder, chairman and chief executive of Amazon (net worth: $45.2 billion)
    Mark Zuckerberg: American chairman, chief executive officer, and co-founder of Facebook (net worth $44.6 billion)
    Larry Ellison: American co-founder and CEO of Oracle (net worth $43.6 billion)
    Michael Bloomberg: American founder, owner and CEO of Bloomberg LP (net worth: $40 billion)

    Now lets look at “The Giving Pledge” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Giving_Pledge#Pledges

    This is a tight group of elites with the same political agendas(the 1% corrupt Liberal Progressive Democrats.) Agendas with alternate motives.

    $732 billion has been pledged by 139 individuals.[15] Below is a list of all net worth amounts (pledges are not shown):
    Net Worth (2016)
    Bill and Melinda Gates
    Warren Buffett
    Larry Ellison
    Michael Bloomberg
    Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan
    Carl Icahn
    Azim Premji
    Paul Allen
    Ray Dalio and Barbara Dalio
    James Simons and Marilyn Simons
    Ronald Perelman
    Vladimir Potanin
    Elon Musk
    Patrick Soon-Shiong and Michele B. Chan
    Harold Simmons and Annette Simmons
    Dustin Moskovitz and Cari Tuna
    Harold Hamm
    George Kaiser
    Hasso Plattner
    Efrem I. Paugam
    Charles F. Feeney
    Eli Broad and Edythe Broad
    John A. Sobrato and Susan Sobrato, and their son John Michael Sobrato
    Gordon Moore and Betty Moore
    Stephen M. Ross
    Richard Kinder and Nancy Kinder
    Hansjörg Wyss
    David Green and Barbara Green
    George Lucas and Mellody Hobson
    Richard Branson and Joan Branson
    Phillip Frost and Patricia Frost
    John Sall and Ginger Sall
    Jeff Skoll
    Samuel Yin
    John Doerr and Ann Doerr
    Leon G. Cooperman and Toby Cooperman
    Dan Gilbert and Jennifer Gilbert
    Bernie Marcus and Billi Marcus
    Walter Scott, Jr.
    Lynn Schusterman
    Gordon Gund and Llura Gund
    Julian Robertson
    David Rockefeller
    Yuri Milner
    Jorge M. Pérez and Darlene Perez
    Ian Wood
    John Paul DeJoria
    Kenneth Langone and Elaine Langone
    Jeff Greene and Mei Sze
    Henry Samueli and Susan Samueli
    Romesh Wadhwani and Kathleen Wadhwani
    Michael Moritz and Harriet Heyman
    David M. Rubenstein
    John Caudwell
    Bill Ackman and Karen Ackman
    Arthur Blank
    Edgar M. Bronfman
    John D. Arnold and Laura Arnold
    Edgar Bronfman, Sr.
    Barry Diller and Diane von Furstenberg
    Judith Faulkner
    Barron Hilton
    Michael Milken and Lori Milken
    Joe Mansueto and Rika Mansueto
    Sunny Varkey
    Charles Bronfman
    Thomas Secunda and Cindy Secunda
    Bob Parsons
    Ted Turner
    Jonathan M. Nelson
    Albert Lee Ueltschi
    Nicolas Berggruen
    Glenn Dubin and Eva Dubin
    George P. Mitchell
    Paul E. Singer
    Mark Stevens and Mary Stevens
    Elie Horn and Susy Horn
    Craig McCaw and Susan McCaw
    Ted Forstmann
    Peter George Peterson
    Charles Zegar and Merryl Snow
    Dato Sri Tahir
    Reed Hastings and Patty Quillin
    Dave Goldberg and Sheryl Sandberg
    Vicki Sant and Roger Sant
    Vinod Khosla and Neeru Khosla
    Tom Steyer and Kat Taylor
    Sir Tom Hunter and Lady Marion Hunter
    Red McCombs and Charline McCombs
    Victor Pinchuk
    Manoj Bhargava
    Eric Lefkofsky and Liz Lefkofsky
    Alfred E. Mann
    Ann Gloag
    Michael Ashcroft
    Andrew Forrest and Nicola Forrest
    Patrice Motsepe and Precious Motsepe
    Strive Masiyiwa and Tsitsi Masiyiwa
    Joe Craft
    Hamdi Ulukaya
    Seth Klarman and Beth Klarman
    Ted Stanley and Vada Stanley
    Sidney Kimmel
    Peter B. Lewis
    Steve Case and Jean Case
    Joyce Cummings and Bill Cummings
    H. F. Lenfest and Marguerite Lenfest
    Herb Sandler and Marion Sandler
    Richard Marriott and Nancy Marriott
    Irwin M. Jacobs and Joan Jacobs
    Vincent Tan
    Christopher Hohn
    Jon Huntsman, Sr. and Karen Huntsman
    John Morgridge and Tashia Morgridge
    David Sainsbury
    Dr Mo Ibrahim
    Sara Blakely
    Sanford Weill and Joan Weill
    Sue Ann Arnall
    T. Boone Pickens
    Craig Silverstein and Mary Obelnicki
    Margaret Adams and Sylvan Adams
    Robert Kogod and Arlene Kogod
    Denny Sanford
    Tim Cook
    Tad Taube
    Brad Keywell and Kim Keywell
    Steve Bing
    Shelby White
    Harold Grinspoon and Diane Troderman
    Tom Monaghan
    Arif Naqvi
    Lorry I. Lokey
    Duncan MacMillan and Nancy MacMillan
    John W. Jay Jordan II
    Edward W. Rose and Deedie Potter Rose
    Paul Orfalea and Natalie Orfalea
    Claire Tow and Leonard Tow
    James E. Stowers and Virginia Stowers

    The first 5 wealthiest pledges are in the top 8 reported by Oxfam.

    That leaves

    Jeff Bezos: American founder, chairman and chief executive of Amazon (net worth: $45.2 billion)
    He too works with “Tom Steyer” the main promoter and doner to the Liberal Progressive Democrats and the Hillary Clintons Campaign. You will find Tom Steyers name in the list above.

    According to wired.com…

    “Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Richard Branson, Jeff Bezos, and pretty much every other crazy rich tech leader you can imagine have announced that they’re banding together to combat climate change with a new partnership called the Breakthrough Energy Coalition. ”


    So now we only have two names left…..

    Keep in mind, “Climate Change” is their biggest agenda to achieve global financial domination, which has again been shown as false. In fact the earth is cooling down. And all this is led by Tom Steyer. The person backing Hillary Clinton. And you will find Hillary Promotes ALL of Tom Steyers Agendas.

    Here you will find :

    Amancio Ortega: Spanish founder of Inditex which owns the Zara fashion chain (net worth $67 billion) in colusion witrh Oracle and Climate Change Organizations funded with Tom Steyer money.

    And Last is Carlos Slim Helu a known major contributor to the Hillary Clinton Campaign.


    In short, the 8 men that own the same wealth as half the world, and an even incredibly larger “Giving Pledge” group whos net worth is $731,860,000,000, are all Hillary Supporters, and the leading cause of women inequality on earth.

    So when Hillary and friends start a women’s movement protest and call Trump a cause of inequality….. Thais the true definition of the Pot calling the kettle black.



    by. Occupy Portland


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